My pretty thing – part 3

As advertised before, I started working on the hat. I used the same colour combination and pretty much just expanded the pattern for the hand warmers to start with. Few pics to get you going. I did 7 rounds of daisy stitch (beginning and ending on a same colour) and now I am half way through my hat and have to start the decrease. I’d like to have it nice and neat, and my maths mind wants a geometrical shape so some calculation and learning of new stitches combos is currently ongoing.

UPDATE, 10h later

OK, spent every spare moment of the day thinking this trough and I’m beginning to understand why people charge for the patterns. I more or less know how I want it to look in the end. By some moment of genius or – more likely – pure luck I have a good number of stitches to work it out. Now the decrease is a pain…

What I need to do is figure out how this ssk (slip slip knit) and ssp (slip slip purl) work – one goes left, one goes right, on the paper (well, mostly web pages and videos) they look perfect for my decrease but I seem to be doing them wrong as mine don’t look like they’re supposed to 😀

UPDATE, next day

I actually finished some time before 2am, but I’m not happy with the result. I made it too short (so just reaches my ears which isn’t the way I like it) and I don’t like how the decrease pattern looks. So back to the drawing board. I’m going to undo it until the decrease area, make it longer and then try a different decrease. IF girls actually stay sleeping tonight I might be able to finish it up. Again.

FINISHED – 2 days later (ok, doesn’t really count as that long as I haven’t touched it yesterday). But finished 🙂 I’m not completely happy with the result, but it is my first almost-design so I’ll let it slip through. I finished with a k2tog decrease in the end and a bit of an i-cord. Not sure can you completely see it on the pictures. But I’m happy enough for now – I’ve learned a few lessons during the project so hope to refine the pattern soon – I’ve found a nice colour combination to do it again (bit better I hope!). I need to decrease the number of CO stitches and increase the length of the hat to make it fit a bit better. Or it might be a problem with my funny head – but not much I can do around that 😀

Any comments welcome!


My pretty thing – part two


Got bored of the hats so I’m back to knitting the other half and trying to see how long it actually takes to make one. So far, I’ve spent about 2 and a half hours to do this much. It might be quicker if I wasn’t interrupted all the time but its a bit tricky to put the little ones on pause 🙂

And about three and a half hours later I can proudly say that I have upper ribbing and thumb to do, so I guess another hour to finish it off really nice and the hand warmers will be ready to use. Total of about 15 hours per pair seems to be a reason why my granny was determined that knitting isn’t something I should spend my time on …



I found a pattern for a soft basket and thought it would be a nice present filled with squishy balls, just right for my younger one as she is on her move exploring the world and emptying any container she finds. Not so sure did I do it right though, it really lacks the structure – ok, maybe I expect too much of it 🙂 I just hope it will look better once filled 😀

I got the pattern from another book (More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson and Anna Williams), and used patton’s DK 100% cotton for it (made a large one). It says that it is an 4-hour project but I didn’t measure the time needed (it was more like whenever I get a minute free). Could taken me anything between 4 and 8 hours I guess! I’ve decided to put the ribbing into a different colour and then (as I was doing it) just felt like it needs a stripe of original colour in 😀 Well, picture is here and hope to update it soon with some squishy balls inside!

Can I make a hat?


Question I got from my almost-3-year-old today 🙂 I can blame it on cbeebies and auntie Mabel and Pippin this time (if you’re not familiar with telly for under fives, auntie Mabel and her dog Pippin explore the world around us – its an old show, but still children’s favourite, change your telly to cbeebies or stalk the BBC channels – alternatively there is a DVD release for the animals section – Come Outside: Animals (DVD)). Not sure is there anything out there to ease the children into knitting? Looked at the knitting bee or magic knitter or something else with similar name and not convinced that she could use it. Think I’ll teach her to do pompoms and braids for now 🙂

My pretty thing :)

To break the routine whilst doing the hats, I’ve (again) started the little project for myself – my treat. Did these in cotton last winter (just to see how would they look) and learned a lot – daisy stitch, although very pretty, can be quite tricky to do and I do need to be focused and look at the pattern a lot. Not at all like the hats where I sometimes just turn of my brain and let the fingers work on its own… But the result is worth it, it is a pretty thing for me (well, one of them – I will wait until I’m done with the xmas stuff before doing the other one :D)

If anyone would like to get the pattern, you can find it on purl bee’s pages, link is in my favourite patterns section. My one is done in 100% merino wool, double knit, James C. Brett‘s pure merino shades PM15 (pink), PM7 (vanilla) and PM16 (avocado) and Stylecraft’s pure luxury merino shade 3643 (merlot). All 50g balls, for 4mm needles (8UK or 6US). It was really lovely to knit with it and it is ever so soft and comfy to wear it. For next year I will be trying to switch to higher priced yarn and leave the oddments for toys and dolly clothes 🙂

Christmas Presents Project

As my little mum group grew a bit bigger since I had my first child, getting them all a little something for under the tree has started to be a challenging task. From four children that I was getting gifts few years ago I had to make a shorter list with (in the end) 18 names on it, age range from 3 months to 7 years.
I started in mid October, working (most) evenings and mostly through the baby beanies book (Baby Beanies: Happy Hats to Knit for Little Heads), but I’m well on my way – only 4 to go! Pictures will follow soon 🙂

My beginnings

I started to knit accidentally last year (well, I don’t count the feeble attempts when I did a very wonky scarf for my dolly a lifetime ago) – I had a 5h train journey ahead of me and felt like reading a book. No idea which one so I went to the library – and on the quick read shelf was a book with a baby girl in a funny hat and a ballerina tutu on the front cover. I mean, you should never judge a book by its cover, but it made me smile. It was a photography/knitting book – a photographer who started to knit to be able to do more photos. I liked it and went straight to the nearest habi shop annoying the ladies that i need this & that from the first pattern page. 5h in the train to my meeting and 5h back couple of days later and I had a hat and a half. And I’ve been recommending the book (Baby Beanies: Happy Hats to Knit for Little Heads) ever since 🙂