My pretty thing :)

To break the routine whilst doing the hats, I’ve (again) started the little project for myself – my treat. Did these in cotton last winter (just to see how would they look) and learned a lot – daisy stitch, although very pretty, can be quite tricky to do and I do need to be focused and look at the pattern a lot. Not at all like the hats where I sometimes just turn of my brain and let the fingers work on its own… But the result is worth it, it is a pretty thing for me (well, one of them – I will wait until I’m done with the xmas stuff before doing the other one :D)

If anyone would like to get the pattern, you can find it on purl bee’s pages, link is in my favourite patterns section. My one is done in 100% merino wool, double knit, James C. Brett‘s pure merino shades PM15 (pink), PM7 (vanilla) and PM16 (avocado) and Stylecraft’s pure luxury merino shade 3643 (merlot). All 50g balls, for 4mm needles (8UK or 6US). It was really lovely to knit with it and it is ever so soft and comfy to wear it. For next year I will be trying to switch to higher priced yarn and leave the oddments for toys and dolly clothes 🙂

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