My pretty thing – part 3

As advertised before, I started working on the hat. I used the same colour combination and pretty much just expanded the pattern for the hand warmers to start with. Few pics to get you going. I did 7 rounds of daisy stitch (beginning and ending on a same colour) and now I am half way through my hat and have to start the decrease. I’d like to have it nice and neat, and my maths mind wants a geometrical shape so some calculation and learning of new stitches combos is currently ongoing.

UPDATE, 10h later

OK, spent every spare moment of the day thinking this trough and I’m beginning to understand why people charge for the patterns. I more or less know how I want it to look in the end. By some moment of genius or – more likely – pure luck I have a good number of stitches to work it out. Now the decrease is a pain…

What I need to do is figure out how this ssk (slip slip knit) and ssp (slip slip purl) work – one goes left, one goes right, on the paper (well, mostly web pages and videos) they look perfect for my decrease but I seem to be doing them wrong as mine don’t look like they’re supposed to 😀

UPDATE, next day

I actually finished some time before 2am, but I’m not happy with the result. I made it too short (so just reaches my ears which isn’t the way I like it) and I don’t like how the decrease pattern looks. So back to the drawing board. I’m going to undo it until the decrease area, make it longer and then try a different decrease. IF girls actually stay sleeping tonight I might be able to finish it up. Again.

FINISHED – 2 days later (ok, doesn’t really count as that long as I haven’t touched it yesterday). But finished 🙂 I’m not completely happy with the result, but it is my first almost-design so I’ll let it slip through. I finished with a k2tog decrease in the end and a bit of an i-cord. Not sure can you completely see it on the pictures. But I’m happy enough for now – I’ve learned a few lessons during the project so hope to refine the pattern soon – I’ve found a nice colour combination to do it again (bit better I hope!). I need to decrease the number of CO stitches and increase the length of the hat to make it fit a bit better. Or it might be a problem with my funny head – but not much I can do around that 😀

Any comments welcome!


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