Dragon Time

In my quest for continuous finger puppet pattern, I’ve found this lovely one for a dragon and a phoenix.
They’re not completely what I was looking for – and I decided to use cotton (4ply in this case) so I have done minor modifications:

co 20
leave 40cm tail, pull stitches together and come out with the yarn tail at the snout area
pick up 6 stitches from the snout area and (using the tail yarn) and start knitting in th round
split stitches onto two needles (top 3 and bottom 3)
work on the top side – depending on the side where the yarn is, knit or purl the row (to do the st st) and then bind off. with tapestry needle move the yarn close to the bottom set and repeat.
do the wings as described on the original pattern page (link above) – still use 3.25 needles
tail – pick up 4 stitches on the end of the back and continue working on the tail as original pattern
decorate with scrap yarn

Finger Playtime

As much as people write that doing finger puppets is easy and quick, guess my skill level still can do with some improving. What I wanted is to knit the puppets (more or less) in one piece, but most patterns involve knitting each bit separately and then sawing the pieces together. So I’ve decided to do one like that, the one with least sawing involved. I started with one pattern (Finger Puppets by Frankie Brown) and then moved onto another (Bernat Satin – Bear, Bunny, Kitty and Mouse Finger Puppet) modified the pattern(s) found:
– with 3.25 needles CO 18 and knit in round (st st) for 18 rounds.
– turn inside out and do 3-needle bind off
– did mouse head from Bernat pattern (continuing with 3.25 needles)
Well, both of my little ones liked the result, but they’re easy to please ๐Ÿ˜€ I’d like to try doing a pattern that goes (mostly) in one piece. So maybe it works out, fingers crossed!

Baby Christmas – done, off to new adventures

I gave some of the hat prezzies away and they were nicely received so I’m quite pleased. As it seams, hats so far ended up being the correct size and are being used – exception of the scarf hat with is tiddly bit too big, but he’ll grow into it.
I am in the process of making a hat for one friend and some hand warmers for another, but I’m slowly getting ready to start my next project batch – both of my girls have birthdays in January and there are some party bags to fill and maybe(?) do ๐Ÿ™‚ Actually I’m looking forward to it as I will venture into the world of toys. Plus, I’m aiming for small ones that are done quickly so squishy balls for babies, finger puppets for toddlers and (I hope to find a pattern) a couple of crowns for my birthday princesses – how does that sounds? Any other ideas? I do expect most of the audience to be between 5 months and 4 years so I hope those will do…

Off I go!

Santa Baby

With all the hats I’ve been doing in the past two months, my little one was really supportive and trying to be involved by suggesting colours and pretending to do the hats for her baby. And then this week she asked me to make her a santa hat as her felt one broke on Monday. How could I say ‘no’? I picked up some red and white immediately and by Friday she was Santa’s little helper. I improvised the design and a friend helped a picked up few rows while I was finishing another hat and overall I’m quite pleased with the result. If anyone would like to try, the pattern goes:

used needles size 5.5mm (US 9), DK wool
in white, CO 88 stitches
r1: k1,p1
r2: p1,k1
r3-12: repeat rows 1 and 2
switch to red
r13-22: knit all around
start decrease:
r23: k9, k2tog
r24-29: knit all around
r30: k8, k2tog
r31-36: knit all around
r37: k7, k2tog
r38-40: knit all around
r41: k6, k2tog
r42-44: knit all around
r45: k5, k2tog
r46-48: knit all around
r49: k4, k2tog
r50-52: knit all around
r53: k3, k2tog
r54-56: knit all around
r57: k2, k2tog
r58-40: knit all around
r61: k1, k2tog
r62-64: knit all around
r65: k2tog
cut the yarn, thread it on a yarn needle and close off
make a pompom in white and attach it to top
weave in all ends (if not done already) and wear ๐Ÿ™‚

Pixie Dust

And while I rest from my design attempt, there is still a hat or two I need to finish up – yet another pixie I’m afraid (baby beanies book). Luckily, I had enough rest between the last one and now so it is going quick once again. Think I’ll finally move to some toys or ornaments after this one…

I was so annoyed yesterday. Half way trough the hat I realised I was using wrong needle size! Grrr! Not much chance that one of the twins has a smaller head so I finished it as quick as I could (fingers still really sensitive due to burning) and now I’m waiting until I recover enough to start a real size one. It does look nice, but it ended up being 2cm smaller, which just won’t do. Hope I’ll manage to start again by monday. And this one is going to the last minute gift pile…

Daisy Stitch Hat – Pattern

As promised, here is my effort to create a matching hat for the daisy stitch handwarmers (pattern from the purl bee, link is in the My Favourite Patterns.

Several notes:
– this pattern has been tested ONLY ONCE (when I was making it) so I do not guarantee satisfaction with it
– I will be refining it over next months and post updates, so please take a look at this blog to check are you using the latest version
– The hat has been made to accommodate my average-size-large head. I have no idea how does that fit into regular measurements.
– The next one I shall be doing with smaller number of cast on stitches (as this one is quite loose).

OK, here it goes – all comments welcome!

yarn used:
– 100% DK merino – James C. Brett and Stylecroft combined – you will need a skein in each colour (here used vanilla, pink, merlot and avocado) and that will be enough to make a pair of handwarmers and a hat and still have some leftovers (I’m planning that as a future project, keep looking at this space :))

– circular 4.5mm (US 7) 40cm
– set of 4 DPNs 4.5 mm (US 7)

– in colour A cast on 144 stitches on the circular needles and start knitting in the round (I usually cast on an extra one, so 145 in total, and use it to k2tog when starting). For my next try-out, I will try to do it smaller (and CO something like 104)
– start 1×1 rib (so k1,p1) until the end of the round – repeat this for a total of 10 rows
– switch to B and knit all stitches until the end of a round
– start the daisy stitch: [k3tog,yo,k3tog],p1, repeat until the end of the round (for details how to do the daisy stitch, please look at the purl bee’s instructions in the handwarmers pattern, very easy to follow)
– switch to C and knit all stitches until the end of a round
– s1, *p1, [k3tog,yo,k3tog]* (repeat between ** until the end of the round, use the stitch slipped in the beginning to create the last k3tog), pass the last worked on stitch back on to the left needle (that one will be worked on twice)

– switch to D
– repeat the pattern in italic until you can count 7 daisy stitch rows (and you finish on the same colour you have started)
– switch to A and knit all stitches until the end of a round
– start 1×1 rib (so k1,p1) until the end of the round – repeat this for a total of 16 rows
– *[k1,p1] 3 times, k2tog* – repeat until the end of the round
– *[k1,p1] 3 times, k1* – repeat until the end of the round
– *[k1,p1] 2 times, k1, k2tog* – repeat until the end of the round
– *[k1,p1] 2 times, k1, k1* – repeat until the end of the round
– *[k1,p1] 2 times, k2tog* – repeat until the end of the round
– * k1,p1, k1, k2tog* – repeat until the end of the round
– * k1,p1, k2tog* – repeat until the end of the round
– * k1, k2tog* – repeat until the end of the round
– k2tog – repeat until the end of the round
– k2tog until only 3 stitches remain, work an i-cord for 4 rows

weave in all loose ends and wear ๐Ÿ™‚