Pixie Dust

And while I rest from my design attempt, there is still a hat or two I need to finish up – yet another pixie I’m afraid (baby beanies book). Luckily, I had enough rest between the last one and now so it is going quick once again. Think I’ll finally move to some toys or ornaments after this one…

I was so annoyed yesterday. Half way trough the hat I realised I was using wrong needle size! Grrr! Not much chance that one of the twins has a smaller head so I finished it as quick as I could (fingers still really sensitive due to burning) and now I’m waiting until I recover enough to start a real size one. It does look nice, but it ended up being 2cm smaller, which just won’t do. Hope I’ll manage to start again by monday. And this one is going to the last minute gift pile…

One thought on “Pixie Dust

  1. sanchee says:

    hmmm… I stupidly burned my hand today and lets say I’ll have to rest a bit. Currently I can knit in the snail going backwards speed. Bad timing 😦

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