Baby Christmas – done, off to new adventures

I gave some of the hat prezzies away and they were nicely received so I’m quite pleased. As it seams, hats so far ended up being the correct size and are being used – exception of the scarf hat with is tiddly bit too big, but he’ll grow into it.
I am in the process of making a hat for one friend and some hand warmers for another, but I’m slowly getting ready to start my next project batch – both of my girls have birthdays in January and there are some party bags to fill and maybe(?) do 🙂 Actually I’m looking forward to it as I will venture into the world of toys. Plus, I’m aiming for small ones that are done quickly so squishy balls for babies, finger puppets for toddlers and (I hope to find a pattern) a couple of crowns for my birthday princesses – how does that sounds? Any other ideas? I do expect most of the audience to be between 5 months and 4 years so I hope those will do…

Off I go!

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