Santa Baby

With all the hats I’ve been doing in the past two months, my little one was really supportive and trying to be involved by suggesting colours and pretending to do the hats for her baby. And then this week she asked me to make her a santa hat as her felt one broke on Monday. How could I say ‘no’? I picked up some red and white immediately and by Friday she was Santa’s little helper. I improvised the design and a friend helped a picked up few rows while I was finishing another hat and overall I’m quite pleased with the result. If anyone would like to try, the pattern goes:

used needles size 5.5mm (US 9), DK wool
in white, CO 88 stitches
r1: k1,p1
r2: p1,k1
r3-12: repeat rows 1 and 2
switch to red
r13-22: knit all around
start decrease:
r23: k9, k2tog
r24-29: knit all around
r30: k8, k2tog
r31-36: knit all around
r37: k7, k2tog
r38-40: knit all around
r41: k6, k2tog
r42-44: knit all around
r45: k5, k2tog
r46-48: knit all around
r49: k4, k2tog
r50-52: knit all around
r53: k3, k2tog
r54-56: knit all around
r57: k2, k2tog
r58-40: knit all around
r61: k1, k2tog
r62-64: knit all around
r65: k2tog
cut the yarn, thread it on a yarn needle and close off
make a pompom in white and attach it to top
weave in all ends (if not done already) and wear 🙂


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