Finger Playtime

As much as people write that doing finger puppets is easy and quick, guess my skill level still can do with some improving. What I wanted is to knit the puppets (more or less) in one piece, but most patterns involve knitting each bit separately and then sawing the pieces together. So I’ve decided to do one like that, the one with least sawing involved. I started with one pattern (Finger Puppets by Frankie Brown) and then moved onto another (Bernat Satin – Bear, Bunny, Kitty and Mouse Finger Puppet) modified the pattern(s) found:
– with 3.25 needles CO 18 and knit in round (st st) for 18 rounds.
– turn inside out and do 3-needle bind off
– did mouse head from Bernat pattern (continuing with 3.25 needles)
Well, both of my little ones liked the result, but they’re easy to please 😀 I’d like to try doing a pattern that goes (mostly) in one piece. So maybe it works out, fingers crossed!

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