Christmas holidays work

I was a bit busy over holidays – actually, I made myself busy. Had some lovely new arrivals to my stash and I wished to somehow create more time to try out different things. And then I got myself some new books as well and … well, not enough hours in a day.
My little ones have a birthday party tomorrow. I expect loads of noise and fun time and I’m really looking forward to taking that birthday party planning off the table – its the constant ‘am I forgetting anything?’ that really annoys me.
So after that’s done, you’ll see the outcome of my holidays. Been doing some hand warmers, some hats, a selection of children’s crowns (well, you can guess why’s that), some squishy balls and fruit & veg and tried venturing in the finger puppets area. It has been good fun, but now I’m ready for a change. Think there will be some funny hats to follow, I’m in the carnival mood 🙂


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