Dress for a blank slate doll

Here is a dress I’ve made for Elena’s doll, it should fit the blank slate doll made in DK wool following the pattern on Ravelry.

– used 4.5 needle and worsted weight yarn, there is no gauge
– abbreviations:
— CO : cast on
— K : knit
— P : purl
— K2TOG : knit 2 stitches together
— P2TOG : purl 2 stitches together
— SSK : slip slip, return those two stitches and knit them together
— BO : bind off
— WS : wrong side

– pattern:
CO 70 stitches, join to kint in round (on circle or DPNs)
row 1-3: knit all stitches
row 4: [k8, k2tog], repeat to the end of the round (finishing with 63st)
row 5-6: knit all stitches
row 7: [k7, k2tog], repeat to the end of the round (finishing with 56st)
row 8: knit all stitches
row 9: [k6, k2tog], repeat to the end of the round (finishing with 49st)
row 10: knit all stitches
row 11: [k5, k2tog], repeat to the end of the round (finishing with 42st)
row 12: knit all stitches
row 13: [k4, k2tog], repeat to the end of the round (finishing with 35st)
row 14: knit all stitches
row 15: [k3, k2tog], repeat to the end of the round (finishing with 28st)
row 16: knit all stitches
row 17: [k2, k2tog], repeat to the end of the round (finishing with 21st)
row 18-32: knit all stitches
row 33: k3, k2tog, [k2, k2tog], repeat to the end of the round (finishing with 16st)
row 34-35: knit all stitches
row 36: kfb,k5,kfb,k4,kfb,k4 (finishing with 19st)
row 37-41: knit all stitches
row 42: BO2, knit the rest (finishing with 17st)
row 43: (WS) BO2, purl the rest (finishing with 15st)
row 44: knit all stitches
row 45: (WS) purl all stitches
row 46: k2tog, knit the rest (finishing with 14st)
row 47: (WS) p2tog, purl the rest (finishing with 13st)
row 48: [k2tog] repeat 3 times, k1, [ssk] repeat 3 times (finishing with 7st)
row 49: BO all, create straps from the leftover tail




UPDATE: finished 🙂
And I improvised the dress, one happy customer!

My little one watched Tangled. Bye bye Tinkerbell, we’re moving on. Rapunzel is the new best friend. Looking around the shops, there wasn’t much available and friend has the Disney store doll but nothing was in the local shops so I made a promise that “mummy will make one”. So I spent 2 hours searching for patterns and seeing which one could I modify (as – what a surprise – Rapunzel isn’t in the top 10) and I finally decided on the Blank Slate Doll Pattern from The Yarnigans Blog. Their website isn’t running at the moment, but the pattern is available on Ravelry.
After spending another several hours, here is progress so far – needs hair and mouth and some clothes! woohoo! I’ve already decided it will have most loveliest malabrigo pollen worsted for her hair, I’m just rushing to finish up a scarf I’m doing from it to use the leftovers. So hope to have finalized pictures by next weekend!
And in the meantime, if you have suggestions for quick and princess like outfits, please do tell!



I’m sooo late with posting. It would be nice if I could occasionally grab few thoughts from my head and just brain-wave it to my email but doesn’t work like that yet. who knows, maybe in a year or so? 😉
Joke aside, I’ve been busy – both regular life and the knitting life (let’s face it, they mix&match a lot). As mentioned earlier, my resolutions said use stash – do not buy. I’ve failed (only a bit, but still counts as a failure) – been using the stash a lot and did some shopping. In a charity shop so it is recycled, but still shopping. Bad me!
To my defense, I was looking for some needles and just seen this oddment and liked it. And it was only only only 20p – it shouldn’t count, right??image
If someone recognise the yarn, could you please let me know what it is? It seems to be bulky and interwined with ribbon, feels soft as merino but I’m not sure. It will be turned into a dress for a dolly. Which takes me to the second post I will write now…