I’m sooo late with posting. It would be nice if I could occasionally grab few thoughts from my head and just brain-wave it to my email but doesn’t work like that yet. who knows, maybe in a year or so? 😉
Joke aside, I’ve been busy – both regular life and the knitting life (let’s face it, they mix&match a lot). As mentioned earlier, my resolutions said use stash – do not buy. I’ve failed (only a bit, but still counts as a failure) – been using the stash a lot and did some shopping. In a charity shop so it is recycled, but still shopping. Bad me!
To my defense, I was looking for some needles and just seen this oddment and liked it. And it was only only only 20p – it shouldn’t count, right??image
If someone recognise the yarn, could you please let me know what it is? It seems to be bulky and interwined with ribbon, feels soft as merino but I’m not sure. It will be turned into a dress for a dolly. Which takes me to the second post I will write now…

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