UPDATE: finished 🙂
And I improvised the dress, one happy customer!

My little one watched Tangled. Bye bye Tinkerbell, we’re moving on. Rapunzel is the new best friend. Looking around the shops, there wasn’t much available and friend has the Disney store doll but nothing was in the local shops so I made a promise that “mummy will make one”. So I spent 2 hours searching for patterns and seeing which one could I modify (as – what a surprise – Rapunzel isn’t in the top 10) and I finally decided on the Blank Slate Doll Pattern from The Yarnigans Blog. Their website isn’t running at the moment, but the pattern is available on Ravelry.
After spending another several hours, here is progress so far – needs hair and mouth and some clothes! woohoo! I’ve already decided it will have most loveliest malabrigo pollen worsted for her hair, I’m just rushing to finish up a scarf I’m doing from it to use the leftovers. So hope to have finalized pictures by next weekend!
And in the meantime, if you have suggestions for quick and princess like outfits, please do tell!



2 thoughts on “Tangled

    • sanchee says:

      Hi Charlie! Thanks for the comment – I do love the doll 🙂 Just follow this linkas the pattern for it is available on Ravelry . It is fairly easy to knit, just a bit time consuming – actually, I’m making another one at the moment for a friend’s little girl – will post some pictures as soon as it is done. I can’t post the pattern here as it isn’t mine. Do you know how to knit? I can try posting some more pictures as I go along with this one if that helps

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