Destashing still…

I’m really itching to buy some nice wool/yarn. A bit hard to justify as my 2 shelves of designated space are bursting. Option 1, assign more space. Hard to do as most is used by toys and craft activities and books and more toys. Let’s face it, this isn’t my living room, it is actually a nursery.
I’m itching to make some fun hats. OK, I’m really itching as I tried to destash and used skein of Rowan’s Spray and found out that I might be a bit allergic to it. I made a nice bag out of it though – I’m more stubborn then I think 😀 Note to self: put the other skein to trade list…
Anyway, I had some spare time (read: was too tired to do anything) and I was looking around on Etsy. So many nice things… And so many things I’d like to make! got some lovely ideas for patterns and colors and now I’m itching to make stuff! and get some nice yarn to make it with! I’m an addict, ain’t I? Anyway, here is a list of some nice things I found:


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