Spring time

I was busy  lately with the spring cleaning. Nowhere near done, but getting there 🙂 So my knitting went small, as not much time to spare – but I’m still out there 🙂 Well, here…

I’ve been looking into small projects – and founding some really cute patterns to do. All started with a little flower bag, pattern by Nina (http://sites.google.com/site/deepseaflowerdicebag/), and somehow it wanted to be done in that funky yellow Breeze yarn, courtesy of march swap 🙂

After that, I’ve decided it’s spring time – flowers theme started – and a small flower bracelet to follow (http://www.petitepurls.com/Summer10/summer2010_t_knittedjewlery.html). I digressed a bit by doing a skirt for a dolly, although it ended up looking to wintery so it’s not in my favs list.

After that, a little bag – pattern by Inthepink – and I’m really pleased with that one 🙂 Think there will be some variations in colour soon…

Ok, pics to follow tomorrow once my phone has battery again


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