Addicted, really – blame the Phat Fiber

OK, this month I managed to get a box to see what the noise is about. And really, there is a good reason for it – the samples are lush!
Yarn is lovely, colours great, and the silly little things that make the add-ons are just lovely. I’m counting down until next month 😀
I mean I love it – not just from the user perspective – but also for the business model and service provider side. The idea is great and it sells out in couple of minutes (takes that long due to the transactions – think it would be seconds otherwise). And I believe everyone ends up happy. At least I was.

For those staring confused at the post so far, phat fiber is a goodie box of various samples – yarn, fiber, knitting and spinning accessories and patterns. The story behind is on their site –, plus you can win some goodies all the time (if you don’t want them, feel free to forward to me :D).

So it is a surprise pack through your door, if you manage to get one – and I got these (yarn box aka stitches):
Phat Fiber April 2011 - Stitches

and these (yarn + fiber, aka mixed):
Phat Fiber April 2011 - Mixed

I’ve finished a small project using some of the samples, so to be continued…