Shetland Scarf

Finished!! I have been working on this scarf for the past two months! Wow, i really don’t like having stuff on the needles for too long. About a week is more than enough 😀 😀
My mum said she would really like a shetland scarf so i figured, let’s find some wool. Managed to catch skein of damson/purple shetland on ebay and figured let’s try 🙂 And then I liked the pattern of the dulce neck cozy and this is what I’ve been doing for the past month(s). It’s my mum’s birthday in less then two weeks and we’re traveling there – not so sure how good of a present is a scarf in the middle of a (very) hot summer though…
About the pattern itself – really nice and easy to do, I started to do it double-stranded first (and it was lovely!) but unfortunately one skein wasn’t enough, so had to undo (and I made a complete mess winding it up again) but it works – I do hope she’ll like it.
Will be posting photo soon.


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