TDF Spinning Time!

I’ve been doing something new this week – I’ve been trying on spinning. OK, just to make it clear – it’s not a bike, it is spindle spinning. This week I have learned something new, how to transform a batt of fiber into usable yarn.
I have used some of the phat fiber samples and some of merino fiber I’ve stashed along the way. So I took one of the bats, Fiber Fancy’s alien v predator. It is BFL, which stands for Blue Faced Leicester, don’t know much more about the wool, I still have to learn the differences, but I’ll leave that for another day 🙂
To create my yarn I used dr. who spindle that was a great surprise in the phat fibre box, made by Spinatude.
On Monday was my second attempt at spinning, took me about an hour to create this:
So on Tuesday I spun a single merino, and tried plying it with the previous result.
Problem was (that I realised once done) that I was spinning all of them in the same direction, which resulted in a very messy elastic yarn that (was pretty and looked as arty yarn) I wasn’t sure I can use for knitting. I got an advice to redo it – split them and ply again.
In the meantime, I’ve spun another phat sample – this time it was Avatar Blend from Felting Sunshine Fiber Arts, it is a blend of Falkland Wool, Sari Silk and Firestar.
Plied with white merino:
After that I felt confident enough to redo my mistake and plied it again in the right direction – and this is the result:

My plan now is to try mixing several samples (and I’ve picked mixture of very soft batts of pinks and reds), trying to spin them a bit thinner and learn how to ply them along the way – probably navajo plying.

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