Challenge for September

Making a pair of socks? That should be easy enough, right?
Actually, my worry is that I’ll get bored along the way. This week I (finally) did a bit more of knitting – a bit random though. I finished a hat (scrappy happy leftovers hat), right lace glove (if my mum is lucky she’ll get a left one by christmas! yes David, I still haven’t done yours, sorry) and half of the water tote. I do tend to get bored once I figure out things… Need a challenging sock pattern then! Off to hunt through ravelry database!

TDF 2011 – learning how to spin


spinning, a set on Flickr.

Here is my activity for the past month – it is mostly phat fiber, different artists samples. This is my spinning experience over the period of three weeks (more different fibers in the photoset – please click link above to see), starting from scratch (no skills whatsover) and learning how to do different techniques and learning the differences in fiber types. Interesting I must say. I’m a bit hooked 😉