Still manic

About 20 samples used so far, think I’m roughly half way there 🙂


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Mini Mania Started

I loved the mini mania scarf from Sarah (Exchanging Fire) – a perfect way to show off all that pretty yarn samples I’ve started collecting (courtesy of Phat Fiber). I just can’t make myself to use them by making a toy which will be happily thrown anywhere or drooled on or tossed in wheetabix or worse. But this – this is amazing! It flows easily into mindless knitting and gives so many options you can do – will next one be red or blue or purple or green or sparkly or pastel or….

I love it!!! Have no clue how big will it end up 😀 😀 I’ve taken a 100 cm cable and cast on about 400 something stitches. I only know how to do long tail cast on so I measured provisionally how much would it take for ten, then multiplied by five then by two, then added a bit to spare and multiplied by four again. OK, I was in the mood to play with numbers 😀 Somehow small seemed, well, small 😀 And I know I would go crazy crazy if I went for over 600 stitches one. So middle is good. And surprise is alway nice!

I cast on as many as I could (leaving a bit for the fringe) and off we go – an epic journey – took me about two hours to finish row one and this is the progress after my third sample skeinlet:

I love it!

Just another lifetime to finish it… (I’ll occasionally post some updates :D)