A-Z hat challenge

In September I’ve started choosing the patterns that also fit into different parts of the alphabet – it was suggested on one of the Ravelry boards and I thought it will make me expand my pattern pool – and also stock up on some Christmas knitting :o)
The ones that I can’t find owner for will end up in my shop – so take a look if you have a moment to spare 🙂

And here’s my take on the alphabet:

A IMG_20111009_023412 IMG_20111018_001122 D
I IMG_20111017_233803 K L
M N O IMG_20111012_010250
Q IMG_20111008_223757 IMG_20111010_210037 T

Patterns used (in order of making, links to be added):
– Free Rapunzel by Stephanie Dosen
– Starry Noggin by Amy Duncan
– Braided Sleepy Hat (my own, still testing, to be released soon)
– Pompom Bear by Amanda Keeys
– Jack Attack by Jenny Raymond
– Classic Cap by Amanda Keeys

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