My handspun handwarmers

First time knitting with my own yarn!!
Well, I started with idea of making several small purses out of it but then when I was knitting it I loved the look! So scrapped the purse idea and continued into a small handwarmer – sortof Elena’s size. Once finished that, I realised I really really like it. So dumped the small size idea and continued knitting a grownup one and managed to have just barely enough for a second one too! Will have to spin something similar for the second small handwarmer though 😀 😀 One day…

So the yarn looked like this:

and it includes the following fiber from Phat samples (April, May and June):

and after a bit of work…


ended up like this


…. and voila! these are my final product 🙂

My handspun handwarmers
My handspun handwarmers My handspun handwarmers

My pattern works!!!

too much enthusiasm? nah 😀
so what is it about… well, few weeks ago i knitted a baby hat. little thing with a braid that just popped out of my head and ended up sitting on the mantelpiece for … well, few weeks 😀 Anyway, my hubby suggested it would be a nice present for his colleague soon to come newborn and why not 🙂 of course, in the meantime hubby didn’t confirm and I’ve put the hat in the shop and passed it (along with a bag of hats) to my friend who offered to take lovely baby pictures (i’m actually impatiently waiting to see those – hoping the hats will look nice and cute :D). Of course, as soon as the hats were out of the house and impossible to get within an hour, the hubby asked for it 😀 😀 apparently “he confirmed it ages ago” LOL So, needles and yarn and pattern test time – and few hours after the second one is finished! I’m really happy that it looks the same as first!! (well, except for the colour – the shades are tiddly bit different) Started working on the nappy cover to match but that will take a while (draft does fit the dolly perfectly :D)

Knitting tape…

I had a funny day today – I actually knitted mixed tape 😀 Interesting experience, not an easy one – tape is slippery, non-stretchy, breaks easily and tangles everywhere. plus spin is weird. But it was interesting, I have to say that!

The result is mixed tape ipod cozy (or a phone cozy, depending on the model) – feel free to bring some traffic to my shop and take a look at more photos here: