Need longer days

Hmm I’m already lagging behind … I had a driving lesson today and my instructor asked how was my weekend which got me thinking “what did I do?” I remember doing a walk with my children on Saturday evening, to support local children’s hospice. And I did cards on Saturday morning. And what else happened? Blank.
Ok, I remember doing some more cards on Sunday and clearing out bits, on Monday loads of work to prep lecture for tomorrow and today work meetings all day long. But overall doesn’t sound like much. I refuse to count dishes and cooking and laundry! As that just keeps creeping up all the time and I really get frustrated when I realise that’s the only finished thing of the day. Hubby is reading them a story now and I have just realised that “Alphas” have lost the attraction. Not sure is just few really bad episodes or I’m over saturated with content? Or maybe it is the multi tasking? Or is it me wishing to do so many things and not figuring out how or when to do it?
There are days when I just wish hours last longer. I keep getting the memory of flowers that my mum painted on my childhood bedroom’s wall. It feels like I will never have time to make something similar for my children πŸ˜₯

First cold of the season, need to learn how to stamp and smirking away

Couldn’t decide on the title πŸ™‚
Initially this was supposed to be a crafting post. Bought some new supplies, from the cute “smirk” range and I declared Christmas card making season open.


smirk christmas

Then my younger one started burning with fever. It’s not anything too high but she’s not herself, cute while she is cuddly and worrying when I hear her breathe or see the glassy look in her eyes. After dose of calpol she’s back to normal but currently I’m just wishing the cold away.
Today we managed to do some cards though. I found some old stamping sheets with snowman so I’ve decided to finish them up. Tried to stamp up some messages and realised I’m rubbish in stamping as I manage to smudge something all the time. I’m quite conservative in my cards so I don’t expect any masterpieces. It is fun to do stuff though πŸ™‚



Girls did they best to help and after interesting stamping exercise they have opted for sticker art. Think the (lack of) stamping talent comes from me…





Feeling broken

Today I’m feeling broken.
Don’t really know why, its just one of those days. Hence the lack of posting yesterday, just didn’t feel like I had anything worth sharing. I guess I just started to relax too much and caught a cold – not a hard thing to do with my two germinators πŸ™‚ I’m getting a full set from the nursery and school combined!
Anyway, nothing special yesterday – did the gym session in the morning and felt quite good and my day just went downwards after – if you do any coding, my achievement was setting up a xampp stack. Not amazed? Me neither πŸ™‚
I’ll give you a bit of background – I had a student placement this summer, three months. The student had done quite a good job. Lesson learned for me: do not assume!! I should know better, I mean it is not the first time I have someone on a placement, but nevertheless the student seemed like someone who actually gets it and I decided to try to delegate for once. Success: about 70%. So I will need another week or two of work to fix the mess the student left. Oh well, stop moaning and get on with it. So that was yesterday. I spent the whole day fixing up the server, porting stuff from student’s account to general, and then the Pandora’s box opened up. The student set up several instances of tomcat, MySQL, hasn’t wrapped anything as a proper service, pretty much leaving his well written code in a poor wrapper, if that explanation makes sense. So I’ve decided to merge all the instances used into one place, installed xampp stack, turned off one at the time to ensure all is working and correct ports are open, and then started digging through the code to figure where port needs to be changed and what the code actually does and calls. There is space for optimization. Some other day… As somehow my whole day just disappeared doing that.
Coming home a stack of dishes and washing and laundry didn’t lift my mood – I wonder why πŸ™‚ I managed to convince the girls to fall asleep and decided to snuggle with a book. Wattpad is a lifesaver in that matter as there is always something to read πŸ™‚ I picked a werewolf novel – just right for my mood, a bit of muscle, a bit of romance, a bit of nature and some humor, so it worked out well. Perhaps I can put that on my ‘achieved’ list?
Went to work this morning and all was ok for first couple of hours, until I moved in a wrong way and my neck started to hurt like crazy. Not sure was it the gym yesterday, little one sneaking into my bed last night or really me relaxing and picking up a cold. In any case the day was painful. Picked up the girls from nursery and school and ended up cooking chili and bolognese for dinner (as girls are not keen on spicy food).Took forever for hubby to come home and now girls have fallen asleep and I finally had my hot shower and I’m slowly starting to feel human again..
Off to pack up parcels for the post tomorrow and time to go to bed soon. I’m hoping for a not broken day as I have a cute craft activity in mind. Stay tuned!

Writing helps me focus

Ok, so my decision was to try making a post a day – to make that, I need to do something. I mean I’m not saying it is something worth writing really, but after all I’m just a supermum in training, not close to a real thing yet πŸ™‚
Day today was busy but there were worse. Actually work went quite well and we even managed to get ready on time in the morning, which is always a morning bonus! So picking up girls after work after extensive begging I agreed to cartoon time – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for one and Wile E Coyote for another and before you know it both are sulking πŸ™‚ Final decision by supreme court of me order one of each, followed by dinner and story time in bed. No objections or else just bedtime – and I’m happy to say that by 20:15 they were asleep.
Washing sorted and one round of dishes done, so I sat down to catch up with some telly – the box has been filling up and if I don’t want to clog it up completely I ‘have to’ view some πŸ˜‰ Anyway, I have managed to catch up with another unfinished project of mine, finished the little knitted bag. Of course, I have to do everything in pairs so this was a second one. If anyone is surprised by green, I’m testing out an idea of a ‘story bag’, contents of the bags will be part two of the project and another post…


Smelling lavender

I had ended up working yesterday afternoon – couple of hours turned into whole working day but at least my code is running again πŸ™‚ Took the children to the swimming pool in the morning to get them tired so hubby didn’t had hyperactive Duracell bunnies running around all afternoon, as when I got back home in the end everyone was asleep. As I’m not really paying attention to the outside world when coding, I think I had a coffee or three and I was up half of the night reading stuff on wattpad πŸ™‚
Thanks to flexi time option that I adore, I’ve taken a day off today and spent it with the little ones. Wondered thru the town with the younger one in the morning and we stocked up on various craft supplies – after all, Christmas is getting closer and about time we started working on the cards. I’m saying we as we will be doing it together – got some new Dovecraft pens and ink and backing papers today and I’m hoping I’ll manage to prep everything for Thursday and Friday, the cards that girls make we usually send around, while I give mine to family or charity, whoever ends up needing them πŸ™‚ why should they have all the fun? πŸ˜‰
After picking up older one from school, today’s activity was lavender πŸ™‚ I trimmed the bush in front of the house about a week ago and everything was drying and waiting until now. So I’ve enlisted my trusted helpers and with a bit of mess around the living room they’ve managed to get it off the stems and after a while happily packed it into small organza bags that we found on the fair last Saturday afternoon. Needed a bit of hovering after we finished, but the house smells lovely and girls are taking a bag to school/nursery for show and tell tomorrow πŸ™‚




work in progress


packing it up


final product

So far so good …

Says she tip-a-tapping on the tablet sitting on the kitchen floor πŸ™‚

Not a bad track so far, and not even noon! Did my driving lesson, just an hour and half as my knee is playing up and really hurts if sitting for too long, and managed not to make too many mistakes πŸ™‚ safe to say, there’s room for improvements πŸ™‚ by the time I was finished, hubby was just leaving the house do do bits in town, children Smiley and wrapped up πŸ™‚ it’s a sunny day but still a chilly one. I managed do dodge him leaving the little ones with me – like a pro, I must add πŸ˜‰Β  – so my super mum in training routine is working out. Dishes done, laundry set to wash, picnic bits packed for this afternoon and I’m off to clean a pile of organic apples form our garden that have been waiting for almost a week now. They’re not nice to look at (as most of them got bruised or cut in the fall) but lovely to eat and would be a shame to waste – they’re ‘organic’ as it gets, as they only got sun, wind and rain on them πŸ™‚ I can smell apple pie coming up πŸ™‚ mmmmm


Don't want to grow up!

It’s Friday evening and I’m background listening how my hubby reads a bed time story. With a two year old and a four year old life hasn’t been boring in a while but on a day such as this I am completely shattered. And it is not even 9pm!
So many things on ‘to-do’ list, wherever I look there is something to be done, and I really wonder how some other women do it? Ok, I do juggle a full time job with a full time mum role, child in school and preschool, hubby and a lot of interests in what once used to be my world and know is often referred to as LBC (life before children). Nevertheless, my meals are rarely structured, house never looks clean, and – ohh, look – yet another thing I haven’t finished is just next to the screen where these thoughts are coming to life.
Weekend starts tomorrow and I know I have a driving lesson, bank meeting and a promise to the little big one I’ll do her nails. Most probably she’ll end up picking pink. And that’s only Saturday πŸ™‚ Taking them swimming on Sunday morning while hubby plays football and then some piece and quiet at work as I have to finish things in the office since I know already Monday I won’t get any server time. on the plus side, I’ll use the time off on Monday and spend it with the children. At least that’s the big plan.
Last weekend I don’t really remember sitting down at all and before I knew it, it was gone, and nowhere near done with everything I wanted. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow πŸ˜‰
My aim for this blog – note a day and finish/do something each day (of course, otherwise not much to write about πŸ™‚ ). Let the weekend begin!
(Shhh everything is quiet now, off to use some hubby time πŸ˜‰ )