Don't want to grow up!

It’s Friday evening and I’m background listening how my hubby reads a bed time story. With a two year old and a four year old life hasn’t been boring in a while but on a day such as this I am completely shattered. And it is not even 9pm!
So many things on ‘to-do’ list, wherever I look there is something to be done, and I really wonder how some other women do it? Ok, I do juggle a full time job with a full time mum role, child in school and preschool, hubby and a lot of interests in what once used to be my world and know is often referred to as LBC (life before children). Nevertheless, my meals are rarely structured, house never looks clean, and – ohh, look – yet another thing I haven’t finished is just next to the screen where these thoughts are coming to life.
Weekend starts tomorrow and I know I have a driving lesson, bank meeting and a promise to the little big one I’ll do her nails. Most probably she’ll end up picking pink. And that’s only Saturday 🙂 Taking them swimming on Sunday morning while hubby plays football and then some piece and quiet at work as I have to finish things in the office since I know already Monday I won’t get any server time. on the plus side, I’ll use the time off on Monday and spend it with the children. At least that’s the big plan.
Last weekend I don’t really remember sitting down at all and before I knew it, it was gone, and nowhere near done with everything I wanted. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow 😉
My aim for this blog – note a day and finish/do something each day (of course, otherwise not much to write about 🙂 ). Let the weekend begin!
(Shhh everything is quiet now, off to use some hubby time 😉 )


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