So far so good …

Says she tip-a-tapping on the tablet sitting on the kitchen floor 🙂

Not a bad track so far, and not even noon! Did my driving lesson, just an hour and half as my knee is playing up and really hurts if sitting for too long, and managed not to make too many mistakes 🙂 safe to say, there’s room for improvements 🙂 by the time I was finished, hubby was just leaving the house do do bits in town, children Smiley and wrapped up 🙂 it’s a sunny day but still a chilly one. I managed do dodge him leaving the little ones with me – like a pro, I must add 😉  – so my super mum in training routine is working out. Dishes done, laundry set to wash, picnic bits packed for this afternoon and I’m off to clean a pile of organic apples form our garden that have been waiting for almost a week now. They’re not nice to look at (as most of them got bruised or cut in the fall) but lovely to eat and would be a shame to waste – they’re ‘organic’ as it gets, as they only got sun, wind and rain on them 🙂 I can smell apple pie coming up 🙂 mmmmm



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