Smelling lavender

I had ended up working yesterday afternoon – couple of hours turned into whole working day but at least my code is running again 🙂 Took the children to the swimming pool in the morning to get them tired so hubby didn’t had hyperactive Duracell bunnies running around all afternoon, as when I got back home in the end everyone was asleep. As I’m not really paying attention to the outside world when coding, I think I had a coffee or three and I was up half of the night reading stuff on wattpad 🙂
Thanks to flexi time option that I adore, I’ve taken a day off today and spent it with the little ones. Wondered thru the town with the younger one in the morning and we stocked up on various craft supplies – after all, Christmas is getting closer and about time we started working on the cards. I’m saying we as we will be doing it together – got some new Dovecraft pens and ink and backing papers today and I’m hoping I’ll manage to prep everything for Thursday and Friday, the cards that girls make we usually send around, while I give mine to family or charity, whoever ends up needing them 🙂 why should they have all the fun? 😉
After picking up older one from school, today’s activity was lavender 🙂 I trimmed the bush in front of the house about a week ago and everything was drying and waiting until now. So I’ve enlisted my trusted helpers and with a bit of mess around the living room they’ve managed to get it off the stems and after a while happily packed it into small organza bags that we found on the fair last Saturday afternoon. Needed a bit of hovering after we finished, but the house smells lovely and girls are taking a bag to school/nursery for show and tell tomorrow 🙂




work in progress


packing it up


final product


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