Writing helps me focus

Ok, so my decision was to try making a post a day – to make that, I need to do something. I mean I’m not saying it is something worth writing really, but after all I’m just a supermum in training, not close to a real thing yet 🙂
Day today was busy but there were worse. Actually work went quite well and we even managed to get ready on time in the morning, which is always a morning bonus! So picking up girls after work after extensive begging I agreed to cartoon time – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for one and Wile E Coyote for another and before you know it both are sulking 🙂 Final decision by supreme court of me order one of each, followed by dinner and story time in bed. No objections or else just bedtime – and I’m happy to say that by 20:15 they were asleep.
Washing sorted and one round of dishes done, so I sat down to catch up with some telly – the box has been filling up and if I don’t want to clog it up completely I ‘have to’ view some 😉 Anyway, I have managed to catch up with another unfinished project of mine, finished the little knitted bag. Of course, I have to do everything in pairs so this was a second one. If anyone is surprised by green, I’m testing out an idea of a ‘story bag’, contents of the bags will be part two of the project and another post…


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