Feeling broken

Today I’m feeling broken.
Don’t really know why, its just one of those days. Hence the lack of posting yesterday, just didn’t feel like I had anything worth sharing. I guess I just started to relax too much and caught a cold – not a hard thing to do with my two germinators 🙂 I’m getting a full set from the nursery and school combined!
Anyway, nothing special yesterday – did the gym session in the morning and felt quite good and my day just went downwards after – if you do any coding, my achievement was setting up a xampp stack. Not amazed? Me neither 🙂
I’ll give you a bit of background – I had a student placement this summer, three months. The student had done quite a good job. Lesson learned for me: do not assume!! I should know better, I mean it is not the first time I have someone on a placement, but nevertheless the student seemed like someone who actually gets it and I decided to try to delegate for once. Success: about 70%. So I will need another week or two of work to fix the mess the student left. Oh well, stop moaning and get on with it. So that was yesterday. I spent the whole day fixing up the server, porting stuff from student’s account to general, and then the Pandora’s box opened up. The student set up several instances of tomcat, MySQL, hasn’t wrapped anything as a proper service, pretty much leaving his well written code in a poor wrapper, if that explanation makes sense. So I’ve decided to merge all the instances used into one place, installed xampp stack, turned off one at the time to ensure all is working and correct ports are open, and then started digging through the code to figure where port needs to be changed and what the code actually does and calls. There is space for optimization. Some other day… As somehow my whole day just disappeared doing that.
Coming home a stack of dishes and washing and laundry didn’t lift my mood – I wonder why 🙂 I managed to convince the girls to fall asleep and decided to snuggle with a book. Wattpad is a lifesaver in that matter as there is always something to read 🙂 I picked a werewolf novel – just right for my mood, a bit of muscle, a bit of romance, a bit of nature and some humor, so it worked out well. Perhaps I can put that on my ‘achieved’ list?
Went to work this morning and all was ok for first couple of hours, until I moved in a wrong way and my neck started to hurt like crazy. Not sure was it the gym yesterday, little one sneaking into my bed last night or really me relaxing and picking up a cold. In any case the day was painful. Picked up the girls from nursery and school and ended up cooking chili and bolognese for dinner (as girls are not keen on spicy food).Took forever for hubby to come home and now girls have fallen asleep and I finally had my hot shower and I’m slowly starting to feel human again..
Off to pack up parcels for the post tomorrow and time to go to bed soon. I’m hoping for a not broken day as I have a cute craft activity in mind. Stay tuned!


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