First cold of the season, need to learn how to stamp and smirking away

Couldn’t decide on the title 🙂
Initially this was supposed to be a crafting post. Bought some new supplies, from the cute “smirk” range and I declared Christmas card making season open.


smirk christmas

Then my younger one started burning with fever. It’s not anything too high but she’s not herself, cute while she is cuddly and worrying when I hear her breathe or see the glassy look in her eyes. After dose of calpol she’s back to normal but currently I’m just wishing the cold away.
Today we managed to do some cards though. I found some old stamping sheets with snowman so I’ve decided to finish them up. Tried to stamp up some messages and realised I’m rubbish in stamping as I manage to smudge something all the time. I’m quite conservative in my cards so I don’t expect any masterpieces. It is fun to do stuff though 🙂



Girls did they best to help and after interesting stamping exercise they have opted for sticker art. Think the (lack of) stamping talent comes from me…





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