Need longer days

Hmm I’m already lagging behind … I had a driving lesson today and my instructor asked how was my weekend which got me thinking “what did I do?” I remember doing a walk with my children on Saturday evening, to support local children’s hospice. And I did cards on Saturday morning. And what else happened? Blank.
Ok, I remember doing some more cards on Sunday and clearing out bits, on Monday loads of work to prep lecture for tomorrow and today work meetings all day long. But overall doesn’t sound like much. I refuse to count dishes and cooking and laundry! As that just keeps creeping up all the time and I really get frustrated when I realise that’s the only finished thing of the day. Hubby is reading them a story now and I have just realised that “Alphas” have lost the attraction. Not sure is just few really bad episodes or I’m over saturated with content? Or maybe it is the multi tasking? Or is it me wishing to do so many things and not figuring out how or when to do it?
There are days when I just wish hours last longer. I keep getting the memory of flowers that my mum painted on my childhood bedroom’s wall. It feels like I will never have time to make something similar for my children 😥

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