To the supermums out there: I get you, congrats!

Not sure how is for you, but in my case, Sundays exhaust me! Honestly, by 6pm I’m eagerly awaiting working week and some help in getting my two duracell-like-bunnies tired. I mean, we had a busy weekend: they walked, ran, played for hours on a birthday party, been out to shops they like, pub lunch they like, we watched turning on of the Christmas lights, walked some more… and despite everything, I still have to fight bed time. As they aren’t tired. Not at all. Yet the parents are the ones who need a break 🙂
Today I sort of feel a little bit closer to that ‘supermum in training’ title. I finally put most of my stock in the shop. Not sure did I get the pricing right but I’ll learn eventually. Heck, I’m not even completely convinced that I’ll sell anything, but at least feels like I’m doing something. This is my present to myself this Christmas – instead of buying some (nice) yarn – actually I was aiming for another phat box – this month I will try to destash some more, in finished objects sense 🙂
If nothing else, I got some inspiration to do a toy. Won’t say much, but gnomes here I come 😉
Girls helped me set up the shelves buy spreading minicards all around. They were really cute!


Managed to some exercise as the younger one decided to fall asleep half way to the town when we were going to watch turning on of the Xmas lights. And no, I did not bring the pram. And I felt really really stupid. As my hubby said we’re all going but in the last minute changed his mind saying he’ll just go and get a haircut (actually, he said that he’ll catch up and we should go ahead and then thrown in  the haircut possibility while we were walking away). Of course, it was so busy later that they didn’t let him thru the barriers due to too many people. Gee, one event in ages and no rain – do you think people will go? Doh! So he was waiting for us outside while I tried for good 40 mins to persuade little munchkin to wake up. At the same time neighbors helped and lifted the older one up every now and then so she can at least see something. Hope no back pain for them as she’s getting bigger every day. Overall, lights were pretty but the organisation quite poor (and not due to the barriers) – but I’ll leave that for another post… anyway, no need to lift weights next week!
after putting them to bed, I so far sorted the washing, did the dishes and another round of laundry in the queue, and I’ve sat down to continue on other bits and pieces. Still have to finish tidying up the living room, but I’ve brought everything in here, the other round of washing and eBay sold stuff to be packed and I’ve turned on the telly to see that the “Dirty Harry” is on and now I do feel lucky 🙂 bit of a break to ramble here and me and Harry will continue with the to do pile.
In case no one told you today how great you are for doing everything you are doing to make anyone and everyone in your life happy or just helping along with stuff that needs to be done – I get you! Congratulations, you’re doing an amazing job! And if your Sundays are tiring – have a lovely coffee or tea break on Monday!



Yesterday I finally did the little squirrel toy. I’m not completely happy how the snout and tail came out so I will try again later – I had a piece of handspun yarn in plan for the tail (but of course couldn’t find it last night) so it will need a remake 🙂


My testers approved and liked the small scarf feature – if you want to try to make your own, get the book Amigurumi Animal Friends

Or if you like this little guy he’s off to the shop tomorrow 😀 Yhink he might need a hat before that 😉

Shop time!

As a part of my continuous clear out here is another experiment (in worst case scenario at least it will show quick failure). So I spoke to the local arts and craftsman shop and as they don’t stock any knitted hats and toys, they’re happy to let me try. Last week I cleared out every bag and box I could find with finished products and now I’m almost ready to go. I went today to look at the space and to my horror it involves 3 shelves!! Not really sure how to fill all that up! On my way home I had an idea of using the digital photo frame to scroll through my projects photos – at least it might provide some filler space! so I spent last few hours trying to make something remotely useful out of all blurry/rubbish light/completely random pics I have and (with a little help from picassa) I came up with these collages:


















So at least something to show…

Now off to figure out amazing way of filling 3 shelves with knitted stuff and not bore the audience completely…

A little bit of everything :)

I’m fully into multitasking again and I’m trying to figure out how to jam all my interests into 24-hour days. Haven’t figured it out yet, sorry.
As mentioned earlier, writing (anywhere) helps me focus. Well, at least a bit more than usual, methinks. Today I’ve merged bits from couple of blogs into one – so not sure do all posts make sense but I do have time to check – this is my collection of ramblings anyway – if useful to someone out there in this multitude of ones and zeros, it is a bonus. I’m mostly my own reader anyway 😀
with Christmas getting closer each minute, there are loads of things to do, but slowly stuff is falling into place. The driving licence thing is done – so now I’m legit to drive in most (if not all) countries of this little thing called Earth. If these two driving licences I have aren’t compatible with any country, I’ll make sure not to move there 😀
House buying is getting closer, we’re currently negotiating. Fingers crossed and I might be able to ‘move in’ before Christmas! I will be happy to put paperwork thing in by than – at least moving forward from the standstill we have been in..
House clear-out is ongoing – and I have just realised this sounds like a weekly progress report at work ha ha ha
But seriously, there are so many things hanging around the house as I haven’t had a moment to look at it – so the approach I’ve been using for my email account (deal with each email once – act, delegate or delete) is creeping into other aspects of my life and it kind of works. Some things I can’t do that way, but 80-20 rule applies. And ebay is handy so I get to have some pennies to spend on other things I’m interested in!
Pinterest is a lovely thing – I miss the ability to turn the pages of an idea scrapbook, but this comes pretty close! I’m a bit annoyed as it doesn’t guarantee exact link you want if you’re re-pinning stuff, but than again, i do have a tendency to obsess about getting things done properly 😀
I’m determined to do stamping and needle felting and sewing as my next “thing”. And it might happen together, as I do have some mixed media projects in my head. Just need time. In the meantime, I’ll kick on with the knitting (I’m hoping to be able to put some stuff in the local craft/art shop) as there are so many unfinished projects in my head (and in the project bags) – and it will help with the clear-out too 😀
Finally used up the lovely baby alpaca wool I got from Maple long time ago – so far two cute hats (both from Amanda – silk day and long-tail) and a pair of child hand warmers and a bit to spare, so that will probably go towards few hexipuffs 🙂