What to knit with?

Every craftsman has an obsession with tools. Well, every craftsman/woman I know of.. Tools. Shiny, sharp, cool looking, colourfull, colourless, take a pick! We all have our preferences. And I’ve just done a bit of an inventory check and here are mine:

  • SHARP – ensuring that what you do with it can be done fast and accurate. Do not underestimate tools – good ones will get you there faster, less stressful and produce great looking results (disclaimer: some skill to use them should be a must. some can be acquired with time)
  • COOL LOOKING – let’s be completely honest, that is always a bonus 😉

So, lets get me focussed and back to knitting.. I’ve tried different ones. Some were good, some so-so, some I didn’t like so much. To make it completely clear: all were usable! If you want, you could knit with a pair of takeaway chopsticks. You might not like the result, but you can do it!

My  personal preference is metal. And carbon. I tried the wood and bamboo, but my heart isn’t there. The fact that I have broken my share of needles didn’t help. I still have them and use them occasionally (one day I will live in ideal world where I can hoard only the things I adore), when I don’t have more likeable alternative.

Oh, I forgot to mention – I prefer circulars. They are really suitable for my projects – mostly hats and toys. And less likely to loose tens of stitches if I am doing a scarf (been there unfortunately). They also fold really nicely in any project bag 🙂

Carbon is my latest craze. Since I started breaking wood – and by that I mean plain no-name bamboo and lovely knit pro symfonie – I figured either yoga or some sturdier tools are in order. I took up both.

So I got myself some of the karbonz tips, they have them separately or in a kit (e.g. KnitPro Karbonz Interchangeable Needle Deluxe Set Normal, Black and Silver) as I love the KnitPro circular cables, they have no memory and slide lovely. Downside, sometimes the connection will snag and it is really annoying. Although I wanted to go for nice and neat storage of tips with cables I can mix and match (as pictured), I will slowly move towards the fixed circulars… Karbonz feel really nice and the tips are shiny and sharp, with the whole needle feeling really strong. myknitprowrap

I mentioned symfonie – they are lovely, but I just can’t get used to the colour. If I need to do something white or yellow, it is a perfect pick – for all dark colours, I prefer something less distracting. I might try out trendz just to get some contrasting colours in.


Clearout time

Time for a clearout. This blog, like most aspects of my life, has been quite messy and very neglected for a while. So starting anew 😀

Currently, I’m in full blown ‘get things done’ mode. Not sure how long it will last, but riding the wave as long as possible! I’m in the process of finalising house extension plans, slowly getting back to crafts and cooking and baking again. My hand is finally getting close to being usable (so far, I’ve been out of commission for the last 6 months due to repetitive strain injury, aka RSI). There is still some pain, so I’m taking it gently, although it feels good to have a grip of things again.

So… back to the clearout. I’m clearing my house, my mind, and alongside – this blog. I have loads of ideas humming in my head and I will try to get some of them out. Picture wise, I’m not sure will I be able to put more effort in, we shall wait and see. I am aware that is needed. Topics that will continue will include mostly crafting, with occasional interrupt around house or life or universe. I take requests 😉