“Not all of us get to work one night a year. Am I right, Sandy?” – AKA Guardians Party

More posting these couple of days then in months, ha? Well, January is busy for me.

The second party theme this month is “Rise of the Guardians” for my younger one who is currently into Jack Frost. Can’t blame her – it’s frosty outside and Jack is nipping at our noses!

So this one has been a bit of a challenge for me. Not so commercialised as the Smurfs, it will mostly rely on creativity and imagination. I got lucky and found couple of bloggers showing results of their parties.

As house decorations base will be white and blue, I’m trying to make it easy to swap from one party to another.

  • white garland base will get Jack Frost, Toothiana, Sandy, North, and other characters hanging over heads – [TODO] print them, cut out and hang
  • keep white tissues snowflakes that top up the garland decoration – it will fill the ceiling and more environment friendly than balloons [TODO]
  • get children in pre-party spirit by colouring in the characters that we will stick on the walls [TODO print]
  • create a “happy birthday” sign (to go on our garland over the table) [TODO]


  • design the invites and print and cut them [TODO] – for details click here to see my previous post
  • [TODO] create 12 movie related things that children can keep – haven’t decided what yet, might be needle felted jack frost
  • [TODO] design and print the popcorn boxes
  • sort out the living room to resembles cinema theatre with seating plan (row and seat markers, cushions on the floor and sofas) and obligatory middle passageway for topping up snacks
  • I really love this idea for party bags. I will do a twist on it, pre-cut templates for the elf, get the children to assemble the elf body (cone) with a jingling bell on the top, fill it with sweets and pack their own party bags that way 🙂

GAMES – found a blog about guardians party and think it is a great idea to get the children to complete tasks to become guardians. You can find colouring sheets, connect the dots and 3D templates on the movie’s site.

  • finding of gold coins around the house that tooth fairy (my older one) has hidden earlier
  • playing pass the parcel with each layer having a sweet and a description of character’s route to center – I found these online and will cut them out
  • create your own party bag – red elf with sweets, mentioned above


  • sweet and salty popcorn
  • chocolate cup cakes with white chocolate frosting and jack’s staff toppers [TODO print] in blue cup cake cases [TODO]
  • and i’m thinking of making cheese straws in the shape of Jack’s cane, or if you want to go for a sweet version take a look here
  • white and blue marshmallows
  • candy floss in sand if you can find it/make it
  • blueberry juice or water bottles marked with guardians tags or white fruit shoot (that gets guardian label over it)
  • and the cake – need to still design a picture that I’ll order to print an lay on top of the iced cake. a job for this weekend…

If you are short on time, here are some shopping links:


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