One smurfing birthday planning

I have scoured the web and here are few of my favourite ideas for the smurfin’ party. We will have about 12 smurfs coming so plan is:

HOUSE DECORATION – we need to decorate the house in white and blue

  • white garland base with smurfs and smurf homes hanging over heads – [TODO] print smurfs and houses, cut out and hang
  • use white tissues to create snowflakes and top up the garland decoration – it will fill the ceiling and more environment friendly than balloons [TODO]
  • get children in pre-party spirit by colouring in the smurfs from the colouring book (start 2-3 weeks earlier) – told them what they need to do, now just need to remind them daily..
  • create a “happy birthday” sign (to go on our garland over the table) [TODO]


  • design the invites and print and cut them [TODO] – for details click here to see my previous post
  • [TODO] create 12 smurf hats (or maybe few more in grown up sizes?) – in case you have several old white t-shirts this would be perfect upcycling opportunity to use this or this tutorial, otherwise there are few available to buy on the internet, look at ebay and amazon (e.g. click here for child smurf hats)
  • [TODO] design and print the popcorn boxes
  • sort out the living room to resembles cinema theatre with seating plan (row and seat markers, cushions on the floor and sofas) and obligatory middle passageway for topping up snacks
  • little bags with strawberry peg for party bags (brown bags or transparent ones)

GAMES – I’ve found some ideas online on various blogs (like this one) and this is selection I think might work for us:

  • paint a smurf – I need to make sure there are enough makeup pads and pair children and get them to paint each other. then let them vote 1-3 for each face and add up the numbers. painter of the “best” face gets a prize. great way to use the blue face paint
  • pass jokey’s gift – pass the parcel, but wrapped in yellow boxes with ribbons
  • papa smurf says – with one of the guests to be Papa Smurf play just as you would Simon Says
  • musical statues or similar game with smurf sountrack. also here you can find downloadable lyrics for the smurf song


  • As you might know, smurfs are approximately 3 apples high so we will have some chopped apples for snacking
  • sweet and salty popcorn
  • chocolate cup cakes with white chocolate frosting and smurf toppers [TODO print] in blue cup cake cases [TODO]
  • white and blue marshmallows
  • blueberry juice or water bottles marked with smurf tags or white fruit shoot (that gets smurf label over it)
  • and not to forget the cake – need to still design a picture that I’ll order to print an lay on top of the iced cake. a job for this weekend…

Here is a summary of things you can buy if you’re in a hurry:

I almost forgot – remember to get yourself the movie as well!

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