Time to start smurfing…

OK. Let’s talk invites.
I am lucky and have MS Publisher available to use – there is Open Office version for the ones out there who prefer that – or any other software package you are comfortable with.
I’ve downloaded basic Smurf 2 desktop background and removed some of the text from it (essentially painting over it with a white block). For Rise of the Guardians I have found nice pictures of characters as my younger insisted that girls should get Totthiana and boys should get Jack, so we have different stubs.

That’s now the background for the ticket stub.

For the main part of the ticket I have searched for the appropriate (longer looking) file as I don’t like if the pictures are not in scale – I found freely downloadable themes and images and tweaked them to fit. Added a barcode and the event details and voilà! Tickets are ready!

movie party tickets

movie party tickets

I actually had a lot of fun making these – if you would like me to make a version for you (or your little one ;)), please pop to my etsy shop, send me a message and let me know 🙂

Bit of an update – I wasn’t too happy with the rise of the guardians invites so here is final version – like this one much more!


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