Onto Malabrigo March…

OK, I know I owe some posts – birthday parties went well but life ran us over again and I never posted final results so that is still to come.
I’ve done some wet felting today with the older one and we are hoping that the bird pod is of sufficient thickness and can move to the garden tomorrow – otherwise we will have to redo 😀 Our technique was a mixture of this and that, and I think we did it quite well 🙂
Although it looks pretty much as cabbage, this is actually going to be a bird house in the garden – with cute red leaves as pattern.
wet felting a bird pod
The plan was to have one done by each child but the younger one grabbed the dragon I was working on last night
needle felted dragon WIP and declared that she wants it just the way it is. I’ll let her off for few days untils she gets bored with it and then continue on – this was a basic shape done that still needs many hours of work on it..
Now I am less 3 hours away from starting March and few days back I have decided to join in for Malabrigo March – knitting with (mostly) Malabrigo yarn throughout the month. My fingers really want to start but I will have to go slowly – RSI still being a pain (pardon the pun) so my craft time is limited.
I have been a busy bee lately and did some work on the etsy shop too and (if weather permits) I’ll take some more pictures of stock at home tomorrow. Time to do that spring clearout!

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