Addicted to Moebius

Last few days I’ve been going thru my stash and was trying to figure out what could I do to use various samples of handspun wool. In the end I figured out I’ll give it a go with a cowl and decided to check out what is all the fuss around Moebius. Well it’s round. And it is quick. And surprisingly addictive way of knitting – doing a figure of eight that ends up being a twisted cowl! Take a look at this video by Cat Bordhi and you might end up with a few ones of your own.
Suddenly, my first cowl was done
Moebius 1
and it has a nice twist in the front
Moebius twist
so that was “Earth”.
Next one to follow was “Water”
Moebius 2
And guess what? I’m knitting “Fire” at the moment ๐Ÿ™‚ Great for stashbusting!

I’ve listed them on my etsy shop if you’d like one yourself or for a present. If they’re still there by Christmas, I’m going to start to look for the owners on my list ๐Ÿ˜€

Loom bands fun

Not so sure I nature is keen on that loom bands craze but, as things go, we have loads of them at home. Sometime ago I found this great tutorial to make a turtle out of them.


Took a while to start – and a lot of broken bands during – and now we have a little turtle family!


Part two is due tomorrow, when I have to patiently try to explain all the tricks to a 7y old…

Something for me :)

Went to visit Crafty Old Birds today to visit their latest work – so many beautiful things, from Sally’s wet felted hats and scarves and dresses, Jay’s woven scarves and beautiful metalworks and earings made by Cathy. I commissioned a pair last week and here they are – absolutely gorgeous!
my new earings
I don’t have the other links, but if you contact them via the B&B’s page, that will do – and maybe you come for a visit too!

Etsy shop revived!

I have been busy clearing out lately – from my personal stash, projects done and ongoing, to things that I would really like to rehome. I have been utilising my little models (and they are getting quite proficient in turning their heads around) and here are few examples:

Bee Hive Jack Frost Tassle
Foxy Loxy Tassle Cap Slouchy
Domino Wear Me! Beanie
Stripes Snail Penguin Power
Bauble Oscar, the confused one drawstring purses

These (and more) are available on, please feel free to take a look ๐Ÿ™‚