Still hat obsessed…

so I’ve written a pattern this time. Just a basic beanie, nothing too impressive – and i’m currently testing the pattern errors on my stash – so look at this cutie!!

stripey giggly blue one

stripey giggly blue one

It followed the last week’s try

soft alpaca stripes

soft alpaca stripes

which I really liked.

Those cover newborn and 3-6 months, so I just need to do couple of more sizes to make sure my scribbles work. Off to choose some colours…

In the meantime – I got an order for an animal hat!! Remember the snake one? There will be another one soon! This time going for yellow & blue combo.

snakes all around

Knitting again!

After prolonged summer break I’ve returned with a vengeance 😉

My little one put an order for a snake band hat from Louise’s “Animal Hats to knit” so that still in progress.

As a break during that I have really enjoyed making this cutie for a friends’ newborn:

flower beanie for a newborn

and this one is going to be wrapped up under the tree for my niece

kedzie again

It gave me an opportunity to brush up on those german short rows so I’ll be doing more of similar projects. Hats are my favourite after all 🙂

Best news to end this week was an Etsy sale that really cheered me up! I don’t often sell things and my little Oscar is flying all the way to Ohio! Hope he will enjoy his new home


Oscar – sanchee’s corner