The hotel build

Do you remember the add where a father builds a house while his child is building something undefined? (if you don’t, you can see it here)

I felt like that more than once 😀

This year, I made a mistake of giving children a toy shop catalogue so they can pick 10 things they like in it. I have to say, they are very creative in counting to 10.. Big mistake.

Although I was feeling very proud that my children are quite aware that ads sometimes oversell the toy and quite happy by some of their choices, I felt a bit down that they didn’t even stop for a second to think how much a certain toy cost. I’m not saying that they should be worried or thinking about it, but at the same time, how do we (as parents) start gently building that awareness how much things we want cost and should we even consider asking for it just because we want it?

Half of one list contained LEGO items – and one of the things wished was a Friends Hotel. I do have to admit, they cought me in a bad moment – just during the past few weeks I spent time sorting out their advent calendar (my previous post). So I knew they are getting more bricks. And I also tidied up their existing collection. So I knew they have a LOT of bricks. Yes, the bricks they had might be different shapes and colours – but that is the beauty of LEGO, there is more than one way to do it.

I presented them a challenge – and said no to more buying  – instead we are going to try to build it. And so we did. About a 4 evenings later, we got it done.

It is in dire need of a paint job. It contains maybe 20% of original intended coloured bricks and has most of intended features (with twirly door and elevator/lift/whatever you want to call it included). It took about 20h to build. It contains bricks spanning over 35 years. And it is our version of it. We love it!


Yesterday, I had to dig up instructions for a hair dressers. On the page two my child said “I know where’s that brick!” and went straight for the hotel. I almost went ballistic 😀

(as couple of boxes with unused blocks weren’t even considered)


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