Onto Malabrigo March…

OK, I know I owe some posts – birthday parties went well but life ran us over again and I never posted final results so that is still to come.
I’ve done some wet felting today with the older one and we are hoping that the bird pod is of sufficient thickness and can move to the garden tomorrow – otherwise we will have to redo 😀 Our technique was a mixture of this and that, and I think we did it quite well 🙂
Although it looks pretty much as cabbage, this is actually going to be a bird house in the garden – with cute red leaves as pattern.
wet felting a bird pod
The plan was to have one done by each child but the younger one grabbed the dragon I was working on last night
needle felted dragon WIP and declared that she wants it just the way it is. I’ll let her off for few days untils she gets bored with it and then continue on – this was a basic shape done that still needs many hours of work on it..
Now I am less 3 hours away from starting March and few days back I have decided to join in for Malabrigo March – knitting with (mostly) Malabrigo yarn throughout the month. My fingers really want to start but I will have to go slowly – RSI still being a pain (pardon the pun) so my craft time is limited.
I have been a busy bee lately and did some work on the etsy shop too and (if weather permits) I’ll take some more pictures of stock at home tomorrow. Time to do that spring clearout!

Few photo updates

Been busy for the past month or so… This little guy is currently in finishing

I picked up some yarn and buttons in a drop in shop last weekend:


Few hats are already sitting in the shop, pink silk day hat


Handspun premie hat


And handspun baby hat


more updates to follow…

My handspun handwarmers

First time knitting with my own yarn!!
Well, I started with idea of making several small purses out of it but then when I was knitting it I loved the look! So scrapped the purse idea and continued into a small handwarmer – sortof Elena’s size. Once finished that, I realised I really really like it. So dumped the small size idea and continued knitting a grownup one and managed to have just barely enough for a second one too! Will have to spin something similar for the second small handwarmer though 😀 😀 One day…

So the yarn looked like this:

and it includes the following fiber from Phat samples (April, May and June):

and after a bit of work…


ended up like this


…. and voila! these are my final product 🙂

My handspun handwarmers
My handspun handwarmers My handspun handwarmers

TDF Spinning Time!

I’ve been doing something new this week – I’ve been trying on spinning. OK, just to make it clear – it’s not a bike, it is spindle spinning. This week I have learned something new, how to transform a batt of fiber into usable yarn.
I have used some of the phat fiber samples and some of merino fiber I’ve stashed along the way. So I took one of the bats, Fiber Fancy’s alien v predator. It is BFL, which stands for Blue Faced Leicester, don’t know much more about the wool, I still have to learn the differences, but I’ll leave that for another day 🙂
To create my yarn I used dr. who spindle that was a great surprise in the phat fibre box, made by Spinatude.
On Monday was my second attempt at spinning, took me about an hour to create this:
So on Tuesday I spun a single merino, and tried plying it with the previous result.
Problem was (that I realised once done) that I was spinning all of them in the same direction, which resulted in a very messy elastic yarn that (was pretty and looked as arty yarn) I wasn’t sure I can use for knitting. I got an advice to redo it – split them and ply again.
In the meantime, I’ve spun another phat sample – this time it was Avatar Blend from Felting Sunshine Fiber Arts, it is a blend of Falkland Wool, Sari Silk and Firestar.
Plied with white merino:
After that I felt confident enough to redo my mistake and plied it again in the right direction – and this is the result:

My plan now is to try mixing several samples (and I’ve picked mixture of very soft batts of pinks and reds), trying to spin them a bit thinner and learn how to ply them along the way – probably navajo plying.

Alpaca beanie

I’ve been working on several projects lately – loads of birthdays coming (and some past) – but I wanted to share this one cos I really love it! I’ve used alpaca (made by NorthStarAlpacas) for the first time – came as a part of the phat fiber box and it is ever so soft and fluffy and just wanted to be made into baby something. So I started with Amanda’s book and improvised a bit but here is the result:

I do like it a lot – and I hope that soon-mum-to-be will share the sentiment 🙂

Addicted, really – blame the Phat Fiber

OK, this month I managed to get a box to see what the noise is about. And really, there is a good reason for it – the samples are lush!
Yarn is lovely, colours great, and the silly little things that make the add-ons are just lovely. I’m counting down until next month 😀
I mean I love it – not just from the user perspective – but also for the business model and service provider side. The idea is great and it sells out in couple of minutes (takes that long due to the transactions – think it would be seconds otherwise). And I believe everyone ends up happy. At least I was.

For those staring confused at the post so far, phat fiber is a goodie box of various samples – yarn, fiber, knitting and spinning accessories and patterns. The story behind is on their site – http://phatfiber.blogspot.com/, plus you can win some goodies all the time (if you don’t want them, feel free to forward to me :D).

So it is a surprise pack through your door, if you manage to get one – and I got these (yarn box aka stitches):
Phat Fiber April 2011 - Stitches

and these (yarn + fiber, aka mixed):
Phat Fiber April 2011 - Mixed

I’ve finished a small project using some of the samples, so to be continued…