Thor’s Helmet

I’ve heard a rumor that my nephew has a thing for superheroes and avengers. Now he’s almost 6 and changing his mind quite often so I’m hoping that this will keep in trend for few weeks more – at least until I get to deliver the Christmas knit!

I looked around my favourite pattern inspiration and neverending source of things to do – the Ravelry portal. I haven’t managed to spot anything exactly to what I wanted – in the weight and the size I wanted so it was time to improvise. Here is the result:


So here is a quick writeup of what I’ve done:

CO 106 with 3.75 needles

r1-2: knit
r3-4: purl
r5-7: knit
r8: bauble row on every 8th
r9-10: knit
r11-12: purl
r13: knit
r14: purl
swap to silver (double stranded)
Knit until piece measures 5.5in and then decrease
* k6, k2tog *
* k5, k2tog *
* k4, k2tog *
* k3, k2tog *
* k2, k2tog *
* k2tog *
I did the tiniest i-cord on the top for the extra helmet look.

Now I’m a lazy one and can’t be bothered to do any more stitching than absolutely needed so I’ve picked up the wings just off the golden rim.

pick up 22 stitches
rA: *k2, p2*, turn work
rB: *p2, k2*, turn work
alternate rows A and B until piece is long enough and you are ready to start decreasing the wings (roughly when your decreases start on the hat), finish with row A
then repeat this two rows until you cast off all of them:
rC:(in pattern) cast off 2, knit in k2, p2 pattern to end, turn
rD: knit in k2,p2 pattern to end, turn

Repeat the same for the other wing (make sure you cast off/tilt your wings in the opposite direction!).
If easier for you, you can always knit your wings separately and then stitch them on.

Good luck!


My pattern works!!!

too much enthusiasm? nah 😀
so what is it about… well, few weeks ago i knitted a baby hat. little thing with a braid that just popped out of my head and ended up sitting on the mantelpiece for … well, few weeks 😀 Anyway, my hubby suggested it would be a nice present for his colleague soon to come newborn and why not 🙂 of course, in the meantime hubby didn’t confirm and I’ve put the hat in the shop and passed it (along with a bag of hats) to my friend who offered to take lovely baby pictures (i’m actually impatiently waiting to see those – hoping the hats will look nice and cute :D). Of course, as soon as the hats were out of the house and impossible to get within an hour, the hubby asked for it 😀 😀 apparently “he confirmed it ages ago” LOL So, needles and yarn and pattern test time – and few hours after the second one is finished! I’m really happy that it looks the same as first!! (well, except for the colour – the shades are tiddly bit different) Started working on the nappy cover to match but that will take a while (draft does fit the dolly perfectly :D)

A-Z hat challenge

In September I’ve started choosing the patterns that also fit into different parts of the alphabet – it was suggested on one of the Ravelry boards and I thought it will make me expand my pattern pool – and also stock up on some Christmas knitting :o)
The ones that I can’t find owner for will end up in my shop – so take a look if you have a moment to spare 🙂

And here’s my take on the alphabet:

A IMG_20111009_023412 IMG_20111018_001122 D
I IMG_20111017_233803 K L
M N O IMG_20111012_010250
Q IMG_20111008_223757 IMG_20111010_210037 T

Patterns used (in order of making, links to be added):
– Free Rapunzel by Stephanie Dosen
– Starry Noggin by Amy Duncan
– Braided Sleepy Hat (my own, still testing, to be released soon)
– Pompom Bear by Amanda Keeys
– Jack Attack by Jenny Raymond
– Classic Cap by Amanda Keeys

Fully TOK’d

Last weekend I was increadibly lucky and won a full set of patterns from Stephanie (tinyowlknits). The patterns are ever so cute so I’ve already done rapunzel (well, two of them – and I have two more in queue already) and think hopsalots wil be next 🙂


Also, I have some malabrigo yarn in my (evergrowing instead of cutting down on) stash, so I’ve experimented a bit – here is my late night knitting design attempt:


Photos are bad, but I still haven’t managed to arrange photosession time – they’ll have to do for now…