Etsy shop revived!

I have been busy clearing out lately – from my personal stash, projects done and ongoing, to things that I would really like to rehome. I have been utilising my little models (and they are getting quite proficient in turning their heads around) and here are few examples:

Bee Hive Jack Frost Tassle
Foxy Loxy Tassle Cap Slouchy
Domino Wear Me! Beanie
Stripes Snail Penguin Power
Bauble Oscar, the confused one drawstring purses

These (and more) are available on, please feel free to take a look 🙂


Almost market ready …


Had to take a pic so figured probably about time to see how my market stall would look like as it’s only couple of weeks away. I still need to work on the stands but as a draft I’m quite happy with it 🙂
If you are in Suffolk,  look me up on Woodbridge quirky Christmas market on November 10th!

My handspun handwarmers

First time knitting with my own yarn!!
Well, I started with idea of making several small purses out of it but then when I was knitting it I loved the look! So scrapped the purse idea and continued into a small handwarmer – sortof Elena’s size. Once finished that, I realised I really really like it. So dumped the small size idea and continued knitting a grownup one and managed to have just barely enough for a second one too! Will have to spin something similar for the second small handwarmer though 😀 😀 One day…

So the yarn looked like this:

and it includes the following fiber from Phat samples (April, May and June):

and after a bit of work…


ended up like this


…. and voila! these are my final product 🙂

My handspun handwarmers
My handspun handwarmers My handspun handwarmers

Spring time

I was busy  lately with the spring cleaning. Nowhere near done, but getting there 🙂 So my knitting went small, as not much time to spare – but I’m still out there 🙂 Well, here…

I’ve been looking into small projects – and founding some really cute patterns to do. All started with a little flower bag, pattern by Nina (, and somehow it wanted to be done in that funky yellow Breeze yarn, courtesy of march swap 🙂

After that, I’ve decided it’s spring time – flowers theme started – and a small flower bracelet to follow ( I digressed a bit by doing a skirt for a dolly, although it ended up looking to wintery so it’s not in my favs list.

After that, a little bag – pattern by Inthepink – and I’m really pleased with that one 🙂 Think there will be some variations in colour soon…

Ok, pics to follow tomorrow once my phone has battery again

Christmas holidays work

I was a bit busy over holidays – actually, I made myself busy. Had some lovely new arrivals to my stash and I wished to somehow create more time to try out different things. And then I got myself some new books as well and … well, not enough hours in a day.
My little ones have a birthday party tomorrow. I expect loads of noise and fun time and I’m really looking forward to taking that birthday party planning off the table – its the constant ‘am I forgetting anything?’ that really annoys me.
So after that’s done, you’ll see the outcome of my holidays. Been doing some hand warmers, some hats, a selection of children’s crowns (well, you can guess why’s that), some squishy balls and fruit & veg and tried venturing in the finger puppets area. It has been good fun, but now I’m ready for a change. Think there will be some funny hats to follow, I’m in the carnival mood 🙂

My pretty thing – part two


Got bored of the hats so I’m back to knitting the other half and trying to see how long it actually takes to make one. So far, I’ve spent about 2 and a half hours to do this much. It might be quicker if I wasn’t interrupted all the time but its a bit tricky to put the little ones on pause 🙂

And about three and a half hours later I can proudly say that I have upper ribbing and thumb to do, so I guess another hour to finish it off really nice and the hand warmers will be ready to use. Total of about 15 hours per pair seems to be a reason why my granny was determined that knitting isn’t something I should spend my time on …

My pretty thing :)

To break the routine whilst doing the hats, I’ve (again) started the little project for myself – my treat. Did these in cotton last winter (just to see how would they look) and learned a lot – daisy stitch, although very pretty, can be quite tricky to do and I do need to be focused and look at the pattern a lot. Not at all like the hats where I sometimes just turn of my brain and let the fingers work on its own… But the result is worth it, it is a pretty thing for me (well, one of them – I will wait until I’m done with the xmas stuff before doing the other one :D)

If anyone would like to get the pattern, you can find it on purl bee’s pages, link is in my favourite patterns section. My one is done in 100% merino wool, double knit, James C. Brett‘s pure merino shades PM15 (pink), PM7 (vanilla) and PM16 (avocado) and Stylecraft’s pure luxury merino shade 3643 (merlot). All 50g balls, for 4mm needles (8UK or 6US). It was really lovely to knit with it and it is ever so soft and comfy to wear it. For next year I will be trying to switch to higher priced yarn and leave the oddments for toys and dolly clothes 🙂