Snake hats

Back into knitting after being asked to knit couple of snake hats – of course ended up by my younger one asking for a refresh of hers too 😀

Have to admit I quite liked doing them again – although it was a bit of exercise in yarn stretch capability. First one ended up a bit on the small side and I am hoping the second one is better. I tried it on a 5y old and 7y old and was really tempted to ask a random mum with a smaller child can I try it out? Given up on that one in favour of common sense 😉

Snake Hat Snake Hat

Thor’s Helmet

I’ve heard a rumor that my nephew has a thing for superheroes and avengers. Now he’s almost 6 and changing his mind quite often so I’m hoping that this will keep in trend for few weeks more – at least until I get to deliver the Christmas knit!

I looked around my favourite pattern inspiration and neverending source of things to do – the Ravelry portal. I haven’t managed to spot anything exactly to what I wanted – in the weight and the size I wanted so it was time to improvise. Here is the result:


So here is a quick writeup of what I’ve done:

CO 106 with 3.75 needles

r1-2: knit
r3-4: purl
r5-7: knit
r8: bauble row on every 8th
r9-10: knit
r11-12: purl
r13: knit
r14: purl
swap to silver (double stranded)
Knit until piece measures 5.5in and then decrease
* k6, k2tog *
* k5, k2tog *
* k4, k2tog *
* k3, k2tog *
* k2, k2tog *
* k2tog *
I did the tiniest i-cord on the top for the extra helmet look.

Now I’m a lazy one and can’t be bothered to do any more stitching than absolutely needed so I’ve picked up the wings just off the golden rim.

pick up 22 stitches
rA: *k2, p2*, turn work
rB: *p2, k2*, turn work
alternate rows A and B until piece is long enough and you are ready to start decreasing the wings (roughly when your decreases start on the hat), finish with row A
then repeat this two rows until you cast off all of them:
rC:(in pattern) cast off 2, knit in k2, p2 pattern to end, turn
rD: knit in k2,p2 pattern to end, turn

Repeat the same for the other wing (make sure you cast off/tilt your wings in the opposite direction!).
If easier for you, you can always knit your wings separately and then stitch them on.

Good luck!

Knitting again!

After prolonged summer break I’ve returned with a vengeance 😉

My little one put an order for a snake band hat from Louise’s “Animal Hats to knit” so that still in progress.

As a break during that I have really enjoyed making this cutie for a friends’ newborn:

flower beanie for a newborn

and this one is going to be wrapped up under the tree for my niece

kedzie again

It gave me an opportunity to brush up on those german short rows so I’ll be doing more of similar projects. Hats are my favourite after all 🙂

Best news to end this week was an Etsy sale that really cheered me up! I don’t often sell things and my little Oscar is flying all the way to Ohio! Hope he will enjoy his new home


Oscar – sanchee’s corner

Etsy shop revived!

I have been busy clearing out lately – from my personal stash, projects done and ongoing, to things that I would really like to rehome. I have been utilising my little models (and they are getting quite proficient in turning their heads around) and here are few examples:

Bee Hive Jack Frost Tassle
Foxy Loxy Tassle Cap Slouchy
Domino Wear Me! Beanie
Stripes Snail Penguin Power
Bauble Oscar, the confused one drawstring purses

These (and more) are available on, please feel free to take a look 🙂

First hat in ages!

Might not sound like much but I count it as a milestone!  Since RSI kicked in crafting is more of a chore than enjoyment and anything past few minutes of knitting is not a pleasant experience. . So it took me ages but there is a hat!
My older one lost a hat today so I had to push last 20 or so rows tonight (very slow knit night) and it is done.
I love this pattern,  it’s called “wurm” and you can find it on revelry (I’ll add links once on computer). I couldn’t find smaller needles so its all done in one size but fits anyway 🙂



Now I got to hurry and start the second one to be able to finish before Christmas!

Almost market ready …


Had to take a pic so figured probably about time to see how my market stall would look like as it’s only couple of weeks away. I still need to work on the stands but as a draft I’m quite happy with it 🙂
If you are in Suffolk,  look me up on Woodbridge quirky Christmas market on November 10th!