Etsy shop revived!

I have been busy clearing out lately – from my personal stash, projects done and ongoing, to things that I would really like to rehome. I have been utilising my little models (and they are getting quite proficient in turning their heads around) and here are few examples:

Bee Hive Jack Frost Tassle
Foxy Loxy Tassle Cap Slouchy
Domino Wear Me! Beanie
Stripes Snail Penguin Power
Bauble Oscar, the confused one drawstring purses

These (and more) are available on, please feel free to take a look 🙂


Props in the making

We had a lovely time going for a sewing course at Crafty Baba’s few weeks back and I managed to do some shopping (oops!) and brought home some red felt. Few hours later…

And 10 minutes with scissors and sticky tape and leftover cardboard roll from wrapping paper made the staff!

And Toothiana is done!

Two happy customers today!

Supplies needed:

– red felt
– scraps of felt in flesh, yellow and black
– jingle bell
– filling

– 3 roles of cardboard, best are sturdy ones from wrapping paper or 4-5 from cling film
– sticky tape

Toothiana mask
– paper mache mask (£1)
– pack of craft feathers (£1)
– double sided sticky tape or glue
– patience 🙂

Almost market ready …


Had to take a pic so figured probably about time to see how my market stall would look like as it’s only couple of weeks away. I still need to work on the stands but as a draft I’m quite happy with it 🙂
If you are in Suffolk,  look me up on Woodbridge quirky Christmas market on November 10th!

One good thing when I’m ill – I can knit…

So few things this week,  finished the bunny and fed him 🙂


Also finished up a chick that’s been sitting round in a project bag for ages


Not too happy how it ended up but couldn’t let it sit unfinished.

But my definite favourite ended up being this little guy:


Just love how it ended up!!! Got the owl bug now, gonna make me an owl hat now 🙂 maybe a bunny one too 🙂

Few photo updates

Been busy for the past month or so… This little guy is currently in finishing

I picked up some yarn and buttons in a drop in shop last weekend:


Few hats are already sitting in the shop, pink silk day hat


Handspun premie hat


And handspun baby hat


more updates to follow…

Off to the new owners!

My tags have arrived and I’m taking them to Shane tomorrow so all is ready for the raffle. I am mission one though… Ozzie the octopus dissapeared while I was on a business trip yesterday. I have three suspects so far, but need to get some evidence … ok, just looked under the sofa and he’s there. They’re off the hook and here’s a redo of the photo with Ozzie included 🙂


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May results

Gotta love the technology – in the car for next couple of hours and not driving – so I realised it is a perfect opportunity to catch up and show off 🙂 I’ll do the formatting later as that part is a bit tricky over the phone …
So I did another doll, following the same pattern as posted earlier. It is a belated birthday present but I should get it to the new owner soon, hope she’ll like it. Elena liked this dress better so I had to do another one for Rapunzel. Her wardrobe is expanding 🙂
I quite like doing the toys, especially as they can use up leftovers of different yarn. This little guy is a minion-wannabe and has been done with leftovers from several yarns and I got the stripping effect.
I also got my first knit to sell order, a hat for a baby girl, size newborn to 6 mths, which is my favourite anyway 🙂 only requirement was to make sure to have pink so I’ll do few so they can choose, these are ready so far.
And for the visit I’m off to now, with the alpacas beanie mentioned earlier, I’m taking the starry nite for the big toddler brother 🙂


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