I got those paper bags (check previous post) and I have decided that I’m NOT spending any money for getting the stamps – was mulling a bit what to do (as only letter stamps I have are tiny) and found an idea amongst google search results – create your own by using foam sheets. Actually, this was the first USEFUL use of foam sheets imho. I had to dig around our craft supply boxes and managed to find few scraps (pheww!) – I distinctly remember gifting few unopened packs in last years’ TEECH shoebox appeal as I thought little ones’ might like it, mine are getting to be “grown up” these days 😀

[if you can, please support your local shoebox appeal – it is a great way to be involved – boxes are usually packed for young and the old and you will put a smile on someone’s face]

Anyway, back to the topic. I’ve created the letters and used a clear acrylic block (with a dab of washable glue) to stamp them. Love how it’s looking up! So far we stamped the bottom row and girls are loving the fact that they’re making the party bags!



Birthday Party Favours

Rolling onwards in the disco theme.

I’ve hunted down ideas in the Pinterest stack (you can see the influence in the invite) and decided on the party favours. I found the selection of neon leg warmers (girls) and headbands (boys) on ebay, just ordered the paper bags I found on Amazon:

And all I have to do now is wait for mr. postman.

Then step 2 is to mix it all in with a selection of sweets and add the names using these printables and we will do a bit of home craft (I’m thinking potato stamping!) to do these.

Pictures to follow in few days.

The hotel build

Do you remember the add where a father builds a house while his child is building something undefined? (if you don’t, you can see it here)

I felt like that more than once 😀

This year, I made a mistake of giving children a toy shop catalogue so they can pick 10 things they like in it. I have to say, they are very creative in counting to 10.. Big mistake.

Although I was feeling very proud that my children are quite aware that ads sometimes oversell the toy and quite happy by some of their choices, I felt a bit down that they didn’t even stop for a second to think how much a certain toy cost. I’m not saying that they should be worried or thinking about it, but at the same time, how do we (as parents) start gently building that awareness how much things we want cost and should we even consider asking for it just because we want it?

Half of one list contained LEGO items – and one of the things wished was a Friends Hotel. I do have to admit, they cought me in a bad moment – just during the past few weeks I spent time sorting out their advent calendar (my previous post). So I knew they are getting more bricks. And I also tidied up their existing collection. So I knew they have a LOT of bricks. Yes, the bricks they had might be different shapes and colours – but that is the beauty of LEGO, there is more than one way to do it.

I presented them a challenge – and said no to more buying  – instead we are going to try to build it. And so we did. About a 4 evenings later, we got it done.

It is in dire need of a paint job. It contains maybe 20% of original intended coloured bricks and has most of intended features (with twirly door and elevator/lift/whatever you want to call it included). It took about 20h to build. It contains bricks spanning over 35 years. And it is our version of it. We love it!


Yesterday, I had to dig up instructions for a hair dressers. On the page two my child said “I know where’s that brick!” and went straight for the hotel. I almost went ballistic 😀

(as couple of boxes with unused blocks weren’t even considered)


Advent Ready and LEGO addicted

Earlier this moth I was considering getting LEGO advent calendar again this year. We.. OK, I .. got a couple last year for ahmm children to enjoy 😉

This year, it looked very much alike last year’s ones so I decided to improvise – with a little help of eBay I bought some sets they didn’t have (I might have spent a tiddly bit more then a real advent calendar would cost – I did get a lot more bricks) – and if you can control yourself better than I do, you will actually spend less.

Then I placed an order with my mum to make me some advent bags (if you need some, please take a look here) which I expect we will use for a considerable amount of future years and MAGIC!

So here is our LEGO Advent Calendar, custom made and guaranteed to make a little (or a little bit bigger) person happy 🙂

alternative LEGO advent

Sets (although some partial) here included are 30259-1, 30116-1, 41053-1, 41006-1, 41020-1, 41021-1, 41022-1, 3061-1, 3183-1, 3930-1 and 3939-1.

If you would like a custom made built LEGO Advent Calendar, hop over to my Etsy shop and let me know – I’d love the excuse to make another one!!!

advent1 advent2 advent3

Next step – need to take some pics – as I had to fight a case that we don’t need to buy the Heartlake Grand Hotel (no matter how pretty it looks!) to enjoy playing with the same functionality. Note to self: when I grow up, I can work for LEGO 😉

Addicted to Moebius

Last few days I’ve been going thru my stash and was trying to figure out what could I do to use various samples of handspun wool. In the end I figured out I’ll give it a go with a cowl and decided to check out what is all the fuss around Moebius. Well it’s round. And it is quick. And surprisingly addictive way of knitting – doing a figure of eight that ends up being a twisted cowl! Take a look at this video by Cat Bordhi and you might end up with a few ones of your own.
Suddenly, my first cowl was done
Moebius 1
and it has a nice twist in the front
Moebius twist
so that was “Earth”.
Next one to follow was “Water”
Moebius 2
And guess what? I’m knitting “Fire” at the moment 🙂 Great for stashbusting!

I’ve listed them on my etsy shop if you’d like one yourself or for a present. If they’re still there by Christmas, I’m going to start to look for the owners on my list 😀

Something for me :)

Went to visit Crafty Old Birds today to visit their latest work – so many beautiful things, from Sally’s wet felted hats and scarves and dresses, Jay’s woven scarves and beautiful metalworks and earings made by Cathy. I commissioned a pair last week and here they are – absolutely gorgeous!
my new earings
I don’t have the other links, but if you contact them via the B&B’s page, that will do – and maybe you come for a visit too!

Etsy shop revived!

I have been busy clearing out lately – from my personal stash, projects done and ongoing, to things that I would really like to rehome. I have been utilising my little models (and they are getting quite proficient in turning their heads around) and here are few examples:

Bee Hive Jack Frost Tassle
Foxy Loxy Tassle Cap Slouchy
Domino Wear Me! Beanie
Stripes Snail Penguin Power
Bauble Oscar, the confused one drawstring purses

These (and more) are available on, please feel free to take a look 🙂