Snake hats

Back into knitting after being asked to knit couple of snake hats – of course ended up by my younger one asking for a refresh of hers too 😀

Have to admit I quite liked doing them again – although it was a bit of exercise in yarn stretch capability. First one ended up a bit on the small side and I am hoping the second one is better. I tried it on a 5y old and 7y old and was really tempted to ask a random mum with a smaller child can I try it out? Given up on that one in favour of common sense 😉

Snake Hat Snake Hat

Addicted to Moebius

Last few days I’ve been going thru my stash and was trying to figure out what could I do to use various samples of handspun wool. In the end I figured out I’ll give it a go with a cowl and decided to check out what is all the fuss around Moebius. Well it’s round. And it is quick. And surprisingly addictive way of knitting – doing a figure of eight that ends up being a twisted cowl! Take a look at this video by Cat Bordhi and you might end up with a few ones of your own.
Suddenly, my first cowl was done
Moebius 1
and it has a nice twist in the front
Moebius twist
so that was “Earth”.
Next one to follow was “Water”
Moebius 2
And guess what? I’m knitting “Fire” at the moment 🙂 Great for stashbusting!

I’ve listed them on my etsy shop if you’d like one yourself or for a present. If they’re still there by Christmas, I’m going to start to look for the owners on my list 😀

Knitting with Noro Iro

It is bulky and colours are lovely and I got it online. 75% wool and 25% silk. You would think it is perfect. Not for me.
Unfortunatelly, it itches like crazy on parts of it so I will have to move onto something else – in the meantime (I am stubborn after all!) here are just few projects that I have done with two skeins (one of each colour) – I had to double check if I can use it 😀

Basic Earflap Hat (improvised) Capucine Hat (by Adela Illichmanova) Candy Change Purse (by Jessie Driscoll)
Iro Earflap Hat Iro Capucine Hat Iro Candy Change Purse

My handspun handwarmers

First time knitting with my own yarn!!
Well, I started with idea of making several small purses out of it but then when I was knitting it I loved the look! So scrapped the purse idea and continued into a small handwarmer – sortof Elena’s size. Once finished that, I realised I really really like it. So dumped the small size idea and continued knitting a grownup one and managed to have just barely enough for a second one too! Will have to spin something similar for the second small handwarmer though 😀 😀 One day…

So the yarn looked like this:

and it includes the following fiber from Phat samples (April, May and June):

and after a bit of work…


ended up like this


…. and voila! these are my final product 🙂

My handspun handwarmers
My handspun handwarmers My handspun handwarmers