How to start knitting?

First, choose what do you want to make – is it something to wear, play or decorative item?

Keep it small and simple – do a baby hat, squishy ball or small cushion – important is that the project is relatively quick, but challenging enough so you can enjoy each step of it and appreciate the finally finished product. Some quick and easy (but fun) projects you can find on ravelry or take a look here:

Once you’ve picked a pattern, look at the description of the materials used. If you’re starting from scratch, best thing would be to take the pattern to the local knitting shop and pick the yarn and needles there – in that case you will be able to touch the wool and feel how the product will feel like. For first project I’d recommend to get something cheap, something like baby double knit (DK), but it really depends of your project. Afterwards, when you see all the tricky bits during the project, you can choose a different (sometimes more expensive!) yarn and do it again – believe me, you will see and feel the difference!

Get all your bits & pieces ready, find a comfy seat with good light and start – your little wonder will start forming a shape soon!

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