Advent Ready and LEGO addicted

Earlier this moth I was considering getting LEGO advent calendar again this year. We.. OK, I .. got a couple last year for ahmm children to enjoy 😉

This year, it looked very much alike last year’s ones so I decided to improvise – with a little help of eBay I bought some sets they didn’t have (I might have spent a tiddly bit more then a real advent calendar would cost – I did get a lot more bricks) – and if you can control yourself better than I do, you will actually spend less.

Then I placed an order with my mum to make me some advent bags (if you need some, please take a look here) which I expect we will use for a considerable amount of future years and MAGIC!

So here is our LEGO Advent Calendar, custom made and guaranteed to make a little (or a little bit bigger) person happy 🙂

alternative LEGO advent

Sets (although some partial) here included are 30259-1, 30116-1, 41053-1, 41006-1, 41020-1, 41021-1, 41022-1, 3061-1, 3183-1, 3930-1 and 3939-1.

If you would like a custom made built LEGO Advent Calendar, hop over to my Etsy shop and let me know – I’d love the excuse to make another one!!!

advent1 advent2 advent3

Next step – need to take some pics – as I had to fight a case that we don’t need to buy the Heartlake Grand Hotel (no matter how pretty it looks!) to enjoy playing with the same functionality. Note to self: when I grow up, I can work for LEGO 😉


This couple of weeks have been very exciting for me as I’ve sold few things on the Etsy shop. On the grand scheme of things I know it is not a world changing fact, nevertheless the feeling that someone really wants something you’ve made – I’ve made – is absolutely amazing!
So thank you all who click on the link, like/favourite the items and order my creative outcomes, you do make my day!

Amigurumi Snail Snake Headband Oscar the Owl

Still hat obsessed…

so I’ve written a pattern this time. Just a basic beanie, nothing too impressive – and i’m currently testing the pattern errors on my stash – so look at this cutie!!

stripey giggly blue one

stripey giggly blue one

It followed the last week’s try

soft alpaca stripes

soft alpaca stripes

which I really liked.

Those cover newborn and 3-6 months, so I just need to do couple of more sizes to make sure my scribbles work. Off to choose some colours…

In the meantime – I got an order for an animal hat!! Remember the snake one? There will be another one soon! This time going for yellow & blue combo.

snakes all around

Knitting again!

After prolonged summer break I’ve returned with a vengeance 😉

My little one put an order for a snake band hat from Louise’s “Animal Hats to knit” so that still in progress.

As a break during that I have really enjoyed making this cutie for a friends’ newborn:

flower beanie for a newborn

and this one is going to be wrapped up under the tree for my niece

kedzie again

It gave me an opportunity to brush up on those german short rows so I’ll be doing more of similar projects. Hats are my favourite after all 🙂

Best news to end this week was an Etsy sale that really cheered me up! I don’t often sell things and my little Oscar is flying all the way to Ohio! Hope he will enjoy his new home


Oscar – sanchee’s corner

Addicted to Moebius

Last few days I’ve been going thru my stash and was trying to figure out what could I do to use various samples of handspun wool. In the end I figured out I’ll give it a go with a cowl and decided to check out what is all the fuss around Moebius. Well it’s round. And it is quick. And surprisingly addictive way of knitting – doing a figure of eight that ends up being a twisted cowl! Take a look at this video by Cat Bordhi and you might end up with a few ones of your own.
Suddenly, my first cowl was done
Moebius 1
and it has a nice twist in the front
Moebius twist
so that was “Earth”.
Next one to follow was “Water”
Moebius 2
And guess what? I’m knitting “Fire” at the moment 🙂 Great for stashbusting!

I’ve listed them on my etsy shop if you’d like one yourself or for a present. If they’re still there by Christmas, I’m going to start to look for the owners on my list 😀